• ASCA - PWES School Counseling Program


    ASCA Position

    School counselors deliver school counseling programs that enhance student growth in three domain areas: academic, career, and social/emotional development. As a part of that program, school counselors implement strategies and activities to help all students enhance their career development – the mindsets and behaviors students need to understand the connection between school and the world of work, plan for and make a successful transition to postsecondary education and work across the life span – while recognizing that growth in all three domains is necessary for students to be successful now and later in life.

    The Rationale

    As social/emotional experts, school counselors design and implement school counseling programs using the direct student services of classroom instruction, appraisal and advisement, and counseling, as well as the indirect student services of referrals, consultation and collaboration with families, teachers and administrators to promote all students’ social/emotional development. (ASCA, 2019).  School counselors engaging in direct services yield “desirable outcomes in a variety of areas including students’ social and emotional development, academic performance, and college or career pursuits” (Lemberger-Truelove et al., 2021, p. 1)



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