• Welcome Guest to the Engineering Drafting & Design Web Page

    The 2023-2024 school year is here!!!

    I am Bandi Burns and I am excited to teach you all about the fascinating world of design and engineering! This is my 25th year of teaching, so I feel like that is a great reason to make this the best year ever!

    Together we will explore the engineering design process and use it to solve problems.

    We will learn to use Autodesk Inventor as well as some other professional software to create our designs.

    Our state-of-the-art Stratasys F170 3D printer is one way we bring our creations into the real world with a solid model based on our Inventor designs.

    If being creative and exploring possible solutions to STEM problems is something you enjoy, then you will be right at home here in our engineering design lab since we have a large MakerSpace area to use for some of our creative projects.

    There really is no way to describe the full scope of our projects for this pathway, since much of the finished product will depend on your interests. We also take live work from the community so that we can help solve other people's problems too.

    Inventing new things and/or improving things that already exist is strongly encouraged in this pathway!

    As we begin our journey through the incredibly lucrative world of engineering graphics & design, please bring your best ideas and your strong work ethic to class so that we can accomplish all of our goals and dreams.