Mrs. Melissa Wood
    Academy for Advanced Studies 770-954-3522
    Subjects I Teach: Ceramics/Pottery I, II, III, IV
    Sculpture I, II, III, IV  

          My name is Mrs. Wood. This is my 22th year working here in Henry county.  i received my bachelor's in Fine Arts from Georgia Southern University with a concentration in ceramic arts, and I am certified in Visual Art K-12.  It is my hope that with your support and possible grant opportunities, that each of you will be able to experience and be inspired to create without financial constraints.

           Ceramics/pottery and sculpture students will cover various Henry county teaching and learning standards. Google classrooms will be used to post assignments and upload content to assist students' learning. Each student will upload pictures of their artwork showing progression and completed works onto Google slides. Students may also be asked to include artist research assignments and various assessments. Google classroom will essentially be their artist portfolio.     

    All course information and resources can be found on our class' Google Classroom page. 

    Grades and progress updates will be placed on Infinite Campus. 

    I am available Monday - Friday from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM for contact. Please allow up to 24 hours for email correspondence. 

    AAS Phone: 770-320-7997 


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