• Dear Associates,


    My name is Tasnuva Jhileek-Tomashevich, and I will be your instructor for the AP, Honors, or 9th grade Biology course. This is my 9th year being a Science teacher. I am looking forward to a terrific semester with you.

    I want to welcome all of you to the Academy for Advanced Studies. Although the official start date for your course is not until August 2nd, all of you now have access to the course syllabus, so feel free to start exploring our classroom learning expectations. As you read through the Syllabus, please note the rhythm of the course and what is expected. AP students - please understand that your syllabus is tentative.  

    I also wanted to take a moment to post a couple of points as we get started. All the necessary learning materials (notes, classwork, homework, labs/activities, practice quizzes/Kahoots, edpuzzles) will get posted on Google Classroom. However, you will be required to submit your work on paper and not electronically (exception- edpuzzles). Your classroom time will be split into four components: warm-ups -> notes -> a whole class interactive activity -> an independent task -> closing. You will have daily assignments due, weekly edpuzzles to complete, and bi-weekly CFAs and unit exams.This is not a self-paced course!!! It is important that you keep on top of the weekly reading and assignments!  Each of you are responsible for completing and submitting your work on time.

    At this point, I suggest the following actions: Please make sure that your notifications for Google Classroom and for Infinite Campus are turned on as they will help you stay updated on class announcements and grade postings. As you get started, I'm happy to answer any questions that may arise. I look forward to working with you this semester and getting off to a strong start!  


    -Mrs. J