• “While it is obvious that AAS is a great opportunity for students and their families, it also helps the business community.  The career pathway programs to be offered at AAS will be aligned with the needs of local business and industry.  Simply put, AAS will educate and train students by providing current and future skill sets needed for job opportunities right here in Henry County.  The results will be a well-educated, highly trained workforce that is the key to our community’s growth and success in the future.  Indeed it is an exciting time to be part of Henry County!” – Mr. Herschel Arant, Central Georgia EMC and Chair of the Academy for Advanced Studies Board of Directors


    “AAS will certainly expand opportunities for students to take advantage of advanced and unique programs of study not available at other high schools in Henry County; I predict that this career focus will provide the relevance and emphasis your students will need, creating a climate that will enhance the seamless education model from secondary to post-secondary courses of study” – Dr. Randy Peters, President of Southern Crescent Technical College


    “The Academy for Advanced Studies has proven to be a wise investment of resources for the benefit of our citizens, and Gordon State College is excited about the future of this joint endeavor.” – Dr. Max Burns, President of Gordon State College


    “As the second largest employer in Henry County, and the only hospital in Henry County, I feel a special need for this program to prepare high school students for the workforce in a variety of healthcare related fields…we are committed to the development of this Academy and to ongoing participation with the program to ensure its continued success.  I believe the Henry County Academy for Advanced Studies would go a long way towards meeting these employment needs and to providing excellent job opportunities for students seeing to enter the workforce in our community.” – Charles Scott, President and CEO of Piedmont Henry Hospital


    “A strong educational program is the foundation for a strong workforce, an improved quality of life, and provides the basis for success in most of life’s endeavors.  A good education supports the mission of our Chamber to “provide quality services and programs that meet the needs of our members, improves the economic environment of the community, and creates a legacy of leadership for the future”.  We pledge to keep our commitment going – as we carry out the mission of our organization.” – Kay Pippin, Former President of the Henry County Chamber of Commerce.


    “It is critical for our company to be fully engaged in the development and alignment of curriculum with industry recognized standards and credentials.  We recognize Henry County School System as a leader in educating students: past, present, future and appreciate their forward thinking and community involvement as a role model standard for our state.” – John D’Andrea, Metro South Region Manager, Georgia Power


    “My two oldest sons have benefited greatly from the opportunities provided through the Henry County Academy for Advanced Studies.  The advanced coursework they completed through the Academy helped them gain entry into highly competitive universities and has jumpstarted their career path trajectories.  They earned years of college credit while still in high school, directly transferable to the university, and the dual enrollment tuition was fully funded by the HOPE scholarship program through ACCEL.  My son graduated from Eagle’s Landing High School in 2010, became a senior at Georgia Tech just two years later thanks to dual enrollment.” 

    Ethan Hildreth, Former Superintendent, Henry County Schools


    “As Lt. Governor, I am committed to providing every student in Georgia access to a college and career academy.  Their proven success at providing our children the relevant, job-related skills they need is more important than ever in these tough economic times.  I applaud the Henry County School System, Southern Crescent Technical College, the Henry County Business leaders, and the many community partners that came together to provide this important tool to ensure our students are prepared to enter the 21st century workforce.” – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle referring to the Academy for Advanced Studies


    “The Henry County business and education communities worked tirelessly to make today’s announcement (the awarding of the GCCAP grant) a reality.  When our community comes together and focuses on our children and their futures we will find great success.” – Senator Rick Jeffaries



    and Other College and Career Academies.


     “What is interesting about companies such as manufacturing giant Caterpillar, Inc. and Baxter, a pharmaceutical company relocating to Georgia is that they are located where there was a college and career academy.  We are leading the nation in workforce development because of what we are doing with our college and career academies.” – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle at the 2012 College and Career Academy Summit


     “We visit thousands of classrooms a year…I believe your school to be very exceptional.  It gives me hope for the future, and seeing schools like yours is why I love my job – sharing education tools, in hopes of making all schools better environments for learning” – Robyn Levesque, Regional Sales Director for Audio Enhancement after a visit to Newton College and Career Academy


    “The college and career academy in Valdosta City schools is awesome!  We are excited about what it is doing for our students.”  Dean Rexroth, AIA, Valdosta City Schools, Georgia, Board Member


    “They are preparing you for the workforce, giving you skills that you’re not just going to use in the classroom, but also what you’ll encounter in the real world.”  Chad, a student at the CEC, a Georgia College and Career Academy


    “The key to Georgia’s future economic growth rests squarely on our ability to deliver a highly educated, skilled, and motivated work force.  The Georgia Career Academies Network addresses that need by offering high school students exciting opportunities for the 21st Century education through unique partnerships between local school systems, the state technical colleges, and partners in business and industry.  College and Career academies fast-track high school students on pathways to a lifetime of success in the ‘hot’ career fields that keep companies a step ahead in this new age of business and industry.  Academy curriculum college credits that will jump start their postsecondary education.  Innovative programming is the foundation of our College and Career Academies.  It fosters student achievement, raises their aspirations, and ensures that they will be part of a dynamic, well-trained Georgia work force for many years to come.”  TCSG Commissioner Ron Jackson


    “There is extensive data that proves the effectiveness of career academies in improving students’ academic performance, preparing them for postsecondary education, and boosting their earning potential after high school.  In particular, numerous studies show how successful career academies are in encouraging the success of students who otherwise were likely to fall between the cracks – those who, early in high school, earned low grades, had high absenteeism, and demonstrated disciplinary problems.  Furthermore, academies increasingly try to walk the middle ground between focusing on college preparation and career preparation – realizing that in many cases, they are one and the same.  As one recent national report states, ‘Even students who are determined to attend the most selective four-year college can benefit from a career academy, because they can gain a better understanding of academic subjects when these subjects are applied to problems and situations in which the students are interested.’  For example, ‘Students who are interested in health and medicine can enroll in a health academy and gain additional insight into biology and chemistry by using them to perform actual lab tests.’  (Stern, Dayton, & Raby, 2010).”  LB 637 Study of Dual Enrollment and Career Academies in Nebraska.