• Welcome to the Transition Academy

    The Transition Academy is a hands-on program to support young adults with disabilities to build the needed skills to be successful in adulthood.These skills focus on independence, socially appropriate, daily living skills, including gainful employment and safety. During their time at the Transition Academy, students will be prepared and offered opportunities to apply, interview, and potentially gain entry level employment with the support of Transition Academy trainers. Morever, students will have guidance on domestic on-the-job skills and independence to maintain healthy living. The Transition Academy is dedicated to supporting students to become well-rounded, independent adults.

    Student Expectations

    Considering this is a non-traditional high school setting, the Transition Academy is preparing students for adults transitioning in the real-world; therefore, it is the expectation for students to be regarded as responsible adults. Daily communication will be with students; students are expected to share information with their families. In the event of an absence, students are required to notify trainers, simulating responsible work habits. Additionally, students are expected to maintain work attire Monday-Thursday and casual dress (HCS dress code) on Fridays. Work attire includes black khaki work pants (no jeans, sweatpants), black collard shirt, and non-slip shoes. Students may carry one small bag (purse/bookbag) and lunchbox (as desired). Students must carry their personal ID and Insurance card. All personal items must be able to fit inside. Work conditions will be the expectations throughout the Transition Academy.