• Executive Chef Tricia Vera

    Originally from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Executive Chef Tricia Vera was raised in Miami, Florida. Family gatherings planted the seed of loving food, which ultimately led to the hospitality industry. Chef Vera went on to study at Johnson & Wales University to develop her skills and ignite her passion as Pastry Chef. Over the years, Chef Vera collaborated with different chefs and earned the title of Executive Chef. She continued her career in luxury hotels, country clubs, education, and senior living.

    Since 1992, Chef Vera has worked with influential mentors of the American Culinary Federation to gain depth and knowledge in both disciplines. Chef became an educator in 2006, teaching Culinary Arts for the Technical System of Georgia. Tricia balances her life with her daughters, grandchildren, and fur children, Timon & Rolo.

    Chef Vera's passion is to educate the next generation of Culinarians. To help ignite the passion and love for food as it is the future of our industry. A chef believes that food can heal and create happiness, so "Let's play with our food!"