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    Welcome to District and School Performance

    The Department of District and School Performance (DSP) works to ensure all children (K-12) meet, or exceed, the academic requirements established by the state and the district. The DSP department assists schools in identifying strengths and areas of opportunities to enhance educational programs. Our department provides detailed information on how each school, and the district overall, is performing and what the district is doing to increase academic achievement and to close the achievement gaps across the district.

    We provide services to support the district’s vision, mission, and goals outlined in the Board’s Core Beliefs & Commitments as well as the Superintendent's Strategic Priorities. The Department of District and School Performance provides school and community stakeholders with the information to help them understand how well a school is performing and to begin conversations to continually improve teaching and learning throughout the district.

    We do this by providing schools with systems and processes to ensure high-quality instruction and intervention support in Tiers 1-4. Our department provides a system and school leaders with research to inform school improvement planning and instructional priorities, providing teachers with high-quality formative assessments aligned to Henry Teaching and Learning standards and the Henry Learning Progressions to drive instruction and facilitating the district’s administration and utilization of national, state, and local assessments to inform educational decisions.


  • Mission
    The Department of District and School Performance will impact student performance by providing accurate and timely information, research and resources to facilitate data-informed decisions for improving and customizing learning and teaching.

    • Instructional Administration via Instructional Policy Planning and Implementation
    • Accountability for District & School Improvement Purposes
    • Internal Research, Evaluation and Analytics
    • Assessment Practices

    The Department of District and School Performance will serve with excellence by producing the highest quality solutions that catalyze actions resulting in continuous improvement, increased achievement, and effective implementation of data-driven practices.