Middle School Advisement Program

    The middle school advisement program is designed to provide students with support and guidance.   Middle school is an important transitional period between elementary education and the high school program.  Middle school students have a unique set of academic, social, and emotional needs.  The middle school advisement program is designed to assist student in the transition into secondary education, as well as to provide assistance in the selection of connections classes (as appropriate), exploring career and college awareness, and determining academic placement for coursework.
    The advisement program will consist of:
    • Individual meetings to determine potential college and career interests (Goal Setting)
    • Academic advisement for course selection (Individual Graduation Plan - IGP)
    • Social and emotional supports
    • Classroom guidance lessons
    • College/Career exploration activities
    • Student surveys 
    • During the 8th grade year, students, their parents, and the counselor will develop an individual graduation plan to be revised annually as prescribed by HB 186
    • By February 1 of each school year the counselor will provide information on the Move on When Ready (Dual Enrollment program as prescribed by SB 2/SB132