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  • HCS Board of Education Meeting - Sept 12, 2022

    Posted by Sybil Barkley on 9/23/2022

    Patriot's Day Recognition - 9/11 and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    Music and spirit provided by the DHS Drumline and OHS cheerleaders greeted all in attendance at the September Board Meeting. This month’s meeting was opened with Superintendent Davis's reflection of Patriots Day. Some of our very own Patriots - Police, Fire & First Responders were applauded and thanked for their service to this community.

    The color Gold is being worn at this month’s meeting by our Board Members & Superintendent in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. 


    The Maestro Choir of OLA Elementary School led by Fine Arts Teacher Mr. McDuffy, provided a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and received a standing ovation after their performance. What a fantastic kick-off to our first in-person Inspiration since the pandemic! 


    Core Business of Student Learning – Informational Items

    K-8 Revised Financial Literacy Standards

    Chief Learning & Performance Officer Termerion McCrary provided a progress update on the Strategic Plan initiative to enhance the Henry Teaching and Learning Standards to include Financial Literacy Standards at every level. The Board has once again paved the way for our standards to go beyond state requirements in response to the needs of our students.

    As outlined in the update, the newly developed standards are the result of the partnership between the community, schools, and district teams working together to build upon the policies created in the Strategic Plan. Working teams comprised of elementary, middle, and high school teachers analyzed feedback to form the new Financial Literacy Standards. Her report also outlined the Four Financial Literacy domains: Income, Budgeting and Management of Money, Credit and Debt, and Savings and Investment. As envisioned by the Board of Education and the community, every Henry County graduate will be exposed to this education in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Not only has Financial Literacy been prioritized by the US Department of Education, it has been called for by our community and we are excited to deliver on our promise of putting students on the road toward being financially literate citizens.

    Read more here - Financial Literacy Standards.

    Operational Effectiveness

    August Construction and E-SPLOST Report, Mr. Josh Malcom, Chief Operations Officer – A construction report was given to the Board on the following projects:
      - HCS Addition to Dutchtown High School.
      - HCS Security Access Control
      - HCS Fairview ES Exterior Modifications
      - HVAC Installations for HCS Elementary Schools Gym Buildings
      - Birch Creek Elementary School
    Post Construction:
      - HVAC Modifications (Cooling Tower Replacement at ARMS and UGHS)
      - HVAC Modifications (Bi-Polar Ionization)

    August Financial Reports, Mrs. Shanika Clay, Chief Finance Officer 
    Mrs. Clay reviewed financial activity for the periods ending August 31, 2022, including review of construction related funding from SPLOST and ESSER sources.

    2023 Board Meeting Time and Place, Dr. Duke Bradley, Chief of Staff 
    Dr. Bradley presented the 2023 Calendar Year Board Meeting Time and Place.  This item will be placed out for review and then will be presented as a Business Item at the October 10, 2022 Board Meeting.

    Unanimous Approval - The Board voted 5-0 to pass these important business items.

    Other Agenda Items

    The following agenda items were either heard during the informational portion of the study session or approved as a part of the business items for the evening meeting’s formal actions:

    Consortium of State School Boards Associations (COSSBA) National Presentation, Governance Team Actions that Lead to Student Achievement, Mrs. Holly Cobb and Mrs. Annette Edwards

    Henry County School Board Members - Mrs. Holly Cobb, Mrs. Annette Edwards, along with Superintendent Davis were all invited to present at the National Inaugural Conference of the Consortium of State School Boards Association (COSSBA) last week in Downtown Atlanta. The presentation shined a light on the hard work that our Board Members have done to provide opportunities and access to a world-class education to produce exceptional educational outcomes for our students and community.

     “Year of Extraordinary Results for Children in Henry County Schools”   – Proclamation signed by the Henry County Board of Education making 2021-22 the “Year of Extraordinary Results for Children in Henry County Schools - Recognizing Henry County Schools Teachers, Employees, And Students For Their Extraordinary Academic Results And Demonstrated Resilience!”

    Presented by Duke Bradley, HCS Chief of Staff, the three-part proclamation 1) honors and commemorates the academic results earned by students and made possible by Henry County School teachers, administrators, staff, and employees representing all job families; 2) celebrates the achievements of students despite unprecedented challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and 3) acknowledges supportive parents and families who helped to make the 2021-2022 school year possible.
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    FY23 Perkins Grant Funds – Each year, in accordance with the Perkins Act of 2006 that federally funds vocational and technical education, we develop and submit to the state our local plan to support CTAE programming.  We are seeking approval to apply for and receive the funds necessary to support CTAE through these federal and state grants.  The SY 2022 – 2023 allocation is $335,644, an increase of $23,137 from SY 2021 – 2022.  Vocational and technical education remains a priority for Henry County Schools and continued investment reflect its importance to our district.

    Schedule Analysis to Advance Access – In alignment with Strategic Action 1 - Advance PreK-12 learning opportunities and experiences for all students, initiative 1 - increase exploration of, access to, and participation in advanced content coursework and experiences, the Superintendent recommends conducting schedule and course offering audits at each school to assess opportunities and access for advanced, honors, gifted, and/or advanced placement course offerings. Cost: Not to exceed $1,102,700 Funding Source: ARPA - Reviewed byTermerion McCrary, Chief Learning and Performance Officer, Megan Rittle, Board Attorney 

    • Board Governance Training Plan 2022-23 – Dr. Bradley presented the Board Governance Training Plan for 2022-23 for individual board member training and whole board training resulting from an assessment identifying areas of board governance improvement.  
    • School Nutrition Operations Technology – To optimize school nutrition point of sale and inventory management practices, it is recommended to award EMS Linq, LLC for Titan to be the provider of Hardware, Software, and an Online Payment platform for school nutrition operations.  Through a competitive solicitation process, the District has identified EMS Linq LLC to be the most capable provider for the School Nutrition Operations Technology, to include updated devices and equipment supporting our schools and nutrition staff members. This vendor will provide new functionality to support back-of-the-house operations with a standardized methodology for accuracy and improved end-user experience for POS integration and online payments. Cost: $242,080.00 Funding Source: School Nutrition General Operating Fund
      Reviewed by: Shanika Clay, Brian Blanton, Kantrell Brown, Marlina Smith, David Flynn, Kim Jackson, David Carter, Chris Davis, Charles Bowen,  and Lynn Lewis 
    • Henry County Permanent Construction Easement (North Ola Road) - the board voted to pass this business item.


    New District and School Leaders


    New Position/Location

    Former Position/Location

    Madaffari, Janine

    Asst. Principal – LGM


    Myree, Edtwon

    Asst. Principal – LHS


    Sherfield, Trekinia

    School Improvement Facilitator, Leadership Services 


    Crerie, Gabe


    Executive Director, School Leadership & Operations - Retiring


    Awards and Recognitions
    The celebration of Fine Arts continued with Superintendent Davis & the Board Members greeting elementary students who were recognized for their participation in the Superintendent's Art Gallery, as well as commending art teachers and principals who supported them. The students’ artwork can be found displayed throughout the hallways of the District building.

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    2022-2023 Cluster Lead Principals
    Each year, principals may apply to serve as Cluster Lead Principals. The purpose of the Cluster Lead role is to lead the alignment of culture, systems, and work within clusters of schools to ensure consistency of experience for families, students, and staff. Specific areas of focus include improving communication, academic articulation, culture, climate, and belonging, wellness, family engagement, and operational systems. Cluster Lead Principals attend board meetings and monthly professional development meetings, coordinate cluster meetings and events, and most importantly lead the development and implementation of a cluster improvement plan that is aligned to our community-inspired strategic plan.
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    Griffin RESA Educational Leadership Graduates
    Griffin RESA’s Georgia Alternative Preparation for Educational Leadership (APEL) program is designed for educators with a Master’s degree or higher who are looking for leadership certification. APEL is designed to instruct, guide, and support employed leaders, helping them build the confidence, skills, and presence needed to lead.
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    Griffin RESA Local Board Governance Training
    Our organization has been built on the premise of continuous improvement and continuous learning and they serve as role models for us. Their most recent collective ongoing professional development was the completion of a training at GRESA entitled, Local Board Governance Training Legal Issues in Education: Pitfalls to Avoid. Each board member completed this full three-hour course this summer, demonstrating their collective commitment to continuous improvement as they lead our organization through effective School Governance. Congratulations Board!
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    Middle & High School Algebra I teachers for their outstanding performance on the Milestones assessment
    Following two years of focused instruction despite the distractions caused by the pandemic, no one could have imagined it would be possible to have significantly higher performance than before the pandemic disrupted public education like never before.  With the latest release of Georgia Milestones scores, our Algebra I performance can only be described as remarkable. Compared to metro-area districts, Henry County students not only showed growth, but their growth outpaced all other large districts in the region. “The credit really goes to our teachers who did the hard work of planning, teaching with rigor, assessing, and monitoring student performance. That’s truly how we did it,” said McCrary.


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