• Lieutenant Damion Hampson - South Lieutenant

  • SRO Allen

    Lieutenant Damion Hampson is a twenty-year law enforcement veteran. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to community driven, problem oriented, intelligence – led policing. He has served in multiple ranks in the Henry County Police Department to include the Special Operations Division, SWAT Team, Community Oriented Policing Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Motor Unit.

    Lieutenant Hampson has been the recipient of numerous commendations and awards throughout his career. 

  • Lieutenant Aris Thompson - North Lieutenant

  • SRO Thompson

    My name is Lieutenant Aris Thompson, with the Henry County Police Department, and I'm currently assigned to the School Resource Division. I've been in the law enforcement field for a total of 29 years, which includes 4 years as a Military Police Officer, 9 years as a Correctional Officer, and 16 years as a civilian Police Officer. Within the Henry County Police Department, I worked as a patrolman for 7 years, before being promoted to the rank of Detective. I was assigned to work general, financial, and crimes against children for an additional 7 years prior to being promoted to the rank of Sergeant. I was a supervisor for both the Uniform Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division during that time.

    In January of 2023 I was asked to join the School Resource Division where I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with responsibilities over the North (Henry County) - School Resource Division. I'm originally from the state of Maryland and have been residing here in Georgia since 2005. I hope to implement and develop necessary changes within the SRO Division with the primary goal of creating a safe environment for our students and school staff. During my time off, I enjoy spending time with family, visiting my hometown in Maryland, cooking, and traveling. On the weekends you may also find me cruising to local car show's as I'm an avid classic car enthusiast. I very much look forward to working with everyone in the upcoming school years.

  • Sergeant Lieutenant Katie Turner - South Sergeant

  • Sergeant Katie Turner has been at the Henry County Police Department since 2013. She started at the police department as an Intern to complete her bachelor’s degree for Criminal Justice at Georgia State University. After completing her internship, she was offered a job at the Henry County Police Department and was hired as a patrol officer.

    After a few years, she moved to the Criminal Investigative Division for approximately 5 years. She was promoted and is currently a supervisor in the School Resource Officer Division.

  • Sergeant Michael Agan - South Sergeant

  • My name is Sgt. Michael Agan. I have been in law enforcement for 14 years. My career began working at the Henry County Jail. During my service at the jail, I earned the rank of sergeant. I then transferred to the School Resource Officer Unit. I have been serving in the School Resource Officer program for the past ten years. I was first assigned to Excel Academy, and then went to the Hampton School Cluster. I was promoted to sergeant and was assigned to supervise several school clusters. I was then promoted to lieutenant and served as the Unit Commander over the SRO program. I transferred to the Henry County Police Department when the Henry County School District contracted the Police Department to provide services for the SRO program.

    I am now assigned as a supervisor for the Hampton, Luella, and McDonough School Clusters. I feel my calling is to serve the community working with the students, parents, and staffs of Henry County Schools.

  • Sergeant Patrick Gomes - North Sergeant

  • SRO Gomes

    I have been employed by the Henry County Police Department for 7 years. Prior to becoming a police officer, I was an Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps for 22 years and obtained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. In the past 7 years I have worked as a narcotics agent, criminal investigator, uniformed patrol, a SWAT team member, supervisor, and an instructor.

    I became an SRO because I believe the children are our future and we need to teach them well and let them lead the way.

  • Sergeant Paul Danielson - North Sergeant

  • SRO Gomes

    I have been employed by the Henry County Police Department for 18 years and was a Military Police Officer in the United States Marines for 8 years. In the past 25 years I have worked as a narcotics agent, SWAT member, negotiator, and most importantly a trainer. I'm married and have 4 kids of my own. I have seen first-hand the value that must be placed on the teaching and mentoring of our youth.

    I became an SRO to help guide and protect the children in our schools because I fully believe that without them our country would not have a future.

  • SRO - Cindy Johanson - Investigator/Floater

  • SRO Johanson

    Hello, my name is Officer Cindy Johanson employed by Henry County Police Department serving as a School Resource Officer for Henry County School System. I started my career as a law enforcement officer in April 2000. I have served as a School Resource Officer for about half of my career. During which time I have established working relationships with schools and students, while assisting students in conflict resolution. I love serving my community and being a positive role model for students.

    In my spare time I enjoy riding my motorcycle, shopping and being the best Gigi to my grandchildren.

  • SRO - Lori Mailot-Reeise - Investigator/Floater

  • SRO Mailot-Reeise

    Hi!! My name is Lori Mailot-Reeise. I have been a Certified Law Enforcement Officer in Henry County for 27 years. When I first moved to Georgia from New York, I worked at A Friends House, an emergency shelter for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. I have always wanted to positively impact a child’s life. In 1994, I got the opportunity to become a police officer at the Henry County Police Department. During my time, I began to gain a lot of knowledge and experience working closely with domestic violence victims and children who were sexually abused.

    In 2008 I became a School Resource Officer at the Woodland High cluster and gained even more knowledge working with kids, parents, and the community. In 2021, I was promoted to an Investigator in the SRO Unit. I have the opportunity now to work in several different schools throughout the county and be an asset in any way I can.