• Once it was clarified what teachers would be teaching and students learning, Henry County Schools had to establish a clear expectation of what instruction should look like in our classrooms. The Balanced Models of instruction are needed in order to create a common universal language for students, teachers, parents and community members of Henry County to better communicate what our student experience should be.

    Below you see  the content areas we teach in Henry. Those areas in color are our 4 core subject areas and are being introduced first. Those in grey are in development, but no less important to the experience of our students.

    The hexagon purposely was chosen as it represents a system of organization that can inherently be found in nature. The individual pieces can stand alone, work together in pairs or build complex, infinitely expandable and unique structures that are not only strong, but eliminate gaps or holes.

    The structure fits today with the knowledge, skills and learning behaviors that student’s need, but it is expandable and adaptable in order to meet future needs for students-future learning, that may not even exist today.

    B I Cover

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