Henry County Schools High School Advisement
    Advisement Guide

    Because of the importance of decisions made very early in the student’s course of study to complete requirements for a high school diploma, students need to become familiar with the high school curriculum and graduation requirements in order to choose appropriate  courses. The High School Advisement Guide outlines graduation requirements specified by the Georgia Department of Education and Henry County Public Schools, providing comprehensive information for student planning. This guide should be used by students, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents/guardians to help prepare students plan a four-year program and identify post-secondary goals. Long-range planning does not mean that choices are permanent. As future goals change and are refined, the high school program may be adjusted. It is important that students plan courses of study to leave open as many options as possible and allow the flexibility for change.



    Students should develop a personal education plan to identify the required and elective courses that will be taken while in high school. Having a planned program of study and reviewing the plan on an annual basis will help students be certain that all graduation requirements are met and that their high school program of study supports their post-high school education and career goals.

    Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the student’s school counselor to develop or review the personal education plan each year. As students’ interests and plans change during the high school years, the educational plan may require some adjustment.   A wide variety of materials are available to assist students in the career decision-making process. Career interest inventories such as the ASVAB are administered to assist students in examining the entire range of occupational possibilities. In addition, each middle school and high school provides career information planning software for student and parent/guardian use. Before developing the educational plan, there are some important points students must consider:


    § What careers are related to your interests and abilities? What are your personal and intellectual strengths and your weaknesses?

    § What things do you value most in life? Challenge? Creativity? Helping others? Income? Independence? Outdoor work? Prestige? Public contact? Security? Variety? Working in a group? Physical activity?

    § What kind of life do you want to live? How do you plan to support yourself? What is your job or career goal for the next five to ten years? What are your life-long goals?

    § What kind of career training are you planning for after high school; college, technical school, specialty school, or on- the-job training?


    For students planning to attend colleges or universities, certain courses are specified and a world language is often required. Many colleges require certain academic credits, including two years of the same world language. Students have several units from which to choose electives in their areas of interest. Students should discuss ideas and concerns with parents/guardians, teachers, friends, counselors, and anyone else who is involved in supporting the student’s success. Although it is primarily the student’s responsibility, the development of the educational plan cannot be accomplished effectively without the assistance of these people.



    One of the primary goals of Henry County Schools is to prepare students for successful entry into the job market, the armed services, or post-secondary schools. The Henry County Student Advisement Program is designed to assist students in developing the skills needed to make decisions that enable them to take full advantage of the well-balanced curriculum offered in our secondary schools. Through the presentation of current information concerning career selection, graduation requirements, and course offerings during individual and group advisement sessions, the professional educator becomes the mentor to the student. The following procedures are utilized in Henry County Schools to facilitate this process:


    § During the 8th grade year, students and their parents/guardians and adviser/counselor will develop an individual graduation plan to be revised annually as prescribed by HB 186.

    § Annual advisement sessions are conducted with students and parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide academic, career, personal/social guidance, review progress in meeting graduation requirements and to assist in selecting high school courses for the following year. Sessions may be conducted individually or in groups as deemed appropriate by local school personnel.


    What is required for graduation?

    All students are expected to complete a common set of requirements to earn a regular diploma. The following units are required under the current graduation rule. Students who enroll from another state must meet Georgia graduation requirements and the Georgia assessment requirements for the graduation class they enter.

      23 Carnegie Units are required for a student to graduate with a high school diploma.  These credits will come from each of the    
      English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Career Technical and Agricultural Education, Fine Arts, World
      Languages, and  Health and Physical Education.  Below you will see the number of required credits in each of these areas and the
      specific classes that are in each area.


    English Language Arts



    Social Studies

    CTAE/Fine Arts/World Language

    Heath and PE

    Required Number of Credits







    Required Classes

    9th Grade Literature and American Literature

     GSE Algebra, GSE Analytic, and GSE Algebra II 

    Biology and Physical Science/Physics and 

    Chemistry/Earth Systems/Environmental Science/AP science course


    World History, US History, American Government / Civics, and Economics

    Two years of the same language is needed for college admission

    Health and Personal Fitness

    Special Notes

    As a part of the 23 required credits, students must take 4 electives that can come from any of the areas above

    Click on the individual subjects above to see course progressions course descriptions available in those subjects



    Each of the highs school in Henry County are utilizing a year long grading system.  This means that the full credit will not be awarded until the successful completion of the class.  Promotion from grade to grade is contingent upon successfully earning these credits.  The required number of credits for promotion from grade to grade are: 

    8th - 9th grade:         Meet 8th grade promotion requirements to be assigned to 9th grade
    9th -10th grade:           Earn 5 units of credit
    10th -11th grade:         Earn 11 units of credit
    11th -12th grade:         Earn 17 units of credit 


    Students who transfer from another state or from another educational setting are required to meet the criteria for promotion and graduation outlined in this guide and the Georgia high school graduation requirements, including required courses of study and passing scores on all required graduation assessments. Students who have questions about transfer credits should contact their school counselor for more information.


    All grades will be recorded numerically exactly as they are received from the issuing school. The only exception to this will be if a student enters with a numeric grade below 70 that is considered passing by the previous school. In this circumstance, a grade of 70 will be assigned.

    For those students who transfer in with letter grades only, those grades will be converted to a numerical average according to the chart below:
     A+=98 A=95    A-=93 
     B+=88 B=85  B-=83 
     C+=78 C=75  C-=74 
     D+=73 D=71  D=70