• Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessments (EOC)

    The A+ Educational Reform Act of 2000, O.C.G.A. §20-2- 281, mandates End-of-Course assessments in grades nine through twelve for some core subjects. End-of-Course assessment scores are calculated as part of a student’s final numeric grade in a course. The End-of-Course assessment requirement is also applicable to courses taken on-line and other off campus course options approved by school counselors. This information i s subject to change based on state legislation and/or Georgia Department of Education rules/policies. End-of-Course assessments will be administered near the end of the course sequence and will be calculated as 20% of the final grade.


    *According to OCGA.20-2-149.2 OR 20-2-161.3, asny student enrolled in Dual Enrollment courses must also complete the EOC requirement marked with an (*) in the chart below to receive high school credit. 



    English Language Arts

    * GSE Algebra

    * Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

     GSE Geometry

    American Literature and Composition


    Social Studies

    * Biology

    United States History

    Physical Science