Students are offered the opportunity to earn up to three units of high school credit by demonstrating mastery on state End-of-Course Tests, or “Testing Out” of courses not yet attempted. In order to qualify for this opportunity, students must:

    §  Earn a grade of “B” or better in the prerequisite course

    §  Obtain recommendations from the prerequisite teacher and current counselor

    §  Have parent permission

    §  Make the request prior to attempting a course

    §  Only attempt once per EOC: A fee of $50 per test will be assessed for each test attempted. If the student demonstrates competency by earning a grade of 90 or better on the EOC (“Exceeds” performance level), the fee will be refunded and the student shall be awarded high school credit for the course based on the test score. If the student does not reach the “Exceeds” performance level, the fee will be paid to the state’s testing vendor, and the student must take the required course.


    Students and parents should work closely with their school counselor to consider all of the ramifications of this option, including class rank, NCAA eligibility and other academic considerations related to testing out.