The Work-Based Learning Program is an extension of classroom instruction that enable students to apply skills learned in academic and technical classes to the workplace. School-based activities and work-based activities are planned and supervised by the school facilitator and selected employers to ensure the continuity of academic and  technical skill training. Application of these skills is enhanced through the implementation of specific training agreements based on industry-validated skill standards. The Work-Based Learning Program is open to students in grades 11-12 through an application process.



    Henry County Schools has an alternative education program located at Excel Academy: 330 Tomlinson Street in McDonough. Students who have disciplinary infractions that result in long- term suspension or expulsion may have the opportunity to apply to attend the alternative school. Based on space available, high school students may choose to attend Excel Academy to enhance their academic success. The smaller class sizes, smaller school environment, and self-paced learning allow students to achieve academic success in an alternative setting.



    Learning online is different than learning in a traditional classroom. Courses taught online are just as academically rigorous as traditional classroom instruction but offer added flexibility and opportunity. Students must be self- motivated and able to work independently.


    Supplemental Courses are taken at the school as part of the regular school day. Supplemental Courses are offered through Henry County Online Academy and Georgia Virtual School. Online learning opportunities provide students with flexibility to address coursework needed to complete graduation requirements.

    1. Henry County Schools will not pay for courses being taken for credit recovery, enrichment, or acceleration outside of the regular six (6) or seven (7) period school day.  Those students that wish to engage in classes for acceleration outside of the classroom may pay tuition for additional classes.  

    2. All online course exams must be taken under the supervision of a certificated employee at the student’s school of attendance.

    3. Middle school students whose course of study requires advanced coursework may be allowed to participate in online classes following the receipt of appropriate advisement and written authorization from their assigned school counselor.

    4. High school students who qualify for hospital/ homebound instructional support may participate in online coursework for high school credit as appropriate.

    5. Henry County approved online courses are listed on the Henry County Online Academy website: www.henry.k12.ga.us/onlineacademy.

    6. Students shall take the appropriate Georgia Milestones End-of- Course  (EOC) for online courses that require an EOC for course credit.


    Students Requesting Supplemental Courses through the Henry County Online Academy

    1. Students who want to participate in a Henry County Schools Online Academy course must seek advisement and written authorization from their assigned guidance counselor.

    2. Students who participate in online coursework without appropriate prior authorization will not receive course credit.

    3. Registered students will work with the school online learning facilitator to prepare for the online class.

    Students Requesting Online Courses from Other Institutions

    4. Students who want to participate in an online course from another institution must seek advisement and written authorization from their assigned school counselor prior to enrolling.

    5. Students seeking permission to participate in an online course from another institution must complete the Request for Approval to Take an Online Course form. Requests must be made a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course. Forms must be fully completed and submitted to the Henry County Schools Learning and Leadership Services where the course will be reviewed to assess whether it meets certain criteria:

    a. It is from an accredited institution approved by the Henry County Schools Board Policy.

    b. It meets the Henry County Schools curriculum standards.

    6. After consulting with a school counselor, agreeing on the best course of action, and receiving appropriate written authorization from both the counselor and the Learning and Leadership Services, a student may register for a course offered through an institution other than the Henry County Schools Online Academy.

    7. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all coursework and final exams within a time frame that enables the online institution to provide a course transcript to their home school seven (7) calendar days prior to the close of the semester.

    8. Students who take one of the 8 courses that require an EOC must arrange with the counselor to take this test before credit can be awarded.

    9. Students who participate in online coursework without appropriate prior authorization will not receive course credit.

    10.   Students will be notified of the course status before the start date of the course.



    Approved Course Providers

    Students who wish to earn additional credits outside of the regular school day are encouraged to enroll in courses provided by Henry County Schools Online Academy. (http://www.henry.k12.ga.us/onlineacademy) Additional learning opportunities are available through Henry County Schools Summer School. The district provides assurance that these courses meet local and state curriculum standards and assessment requirements.


    Other Course Providers

    When a student’s academic or instructional needs cannot be met by the school where the student is enrolled or courses from the Henry County Online Academy, Henry County Schools will accept unit credit from other appropriately accredited institutions. These courses must meet local and state standards. The student is responsible for providing the enrollment application to the out of district course provider. Additionally, the student is responsible for obtaining and providing a copy of the institution’s course description and outline for delivery. If required, a school official will sign the enrollment application. Please note that the signature of the school official only indicates that the course applied for will be accepted for credit based on Georgia High School Graduation requirements. The signature does not indicate that the course covers the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS or CCGPS) requirements, or that the course will adequately prepare the student for the any required assessment. Students and parents are responsible for determining if the course is accepted by the NCAA Clearinghouse.


    §  A copy of the application or other documentation will be filed in the student’s permanent record.

    §  Grades earned will be posted on the student’s transcript as transferred credit.

    §  The student is responsible for notifying the local school if a course is dropped.

    §  The student must take the EOC if enrolled in an EOC course before credit can be awarded and entered on the transcript.


    In order to receive a high school diploma and/or participate in graduation ceremonies, the local school must receive transcripts no later than seven (7) days before graduation. The scheduling and administration of the sending school’s final exam/end of course exam is the responsibility of the parent and/or student. All final exams must be proctored by a certificated Henry County Schools employee. All costs for course instruction, books and other materials are the responsibility of the parent and/or student. All books and study materials will be sent to the parent/student home address. Exams must be sent to the student’s school of attendance so that appropriate proctoring can be arranged for assessment administration. Henry County Schools’ employees are not responsible for providing information concerning the policies of out-of-system educational


    Full Time Online Learning Options:

    Impact Academy is the school system’s full time virtual school program. Students in grades 6-11 can choose to participate in online courses all day or the majority of the day. Impact Academy allows flexibility to take courses in a variety of combinations and settings:

    § Academic courses through Impact Academy and one or more electives at the home school.

    § Academic courses through Impact Academy and one or more electives at the Academy for Advanced Studies.

    § Juniors and seniors can opt to take some courses through Impact Academy and also participate in either face-to-face dual enrollment or online dual enrollment for college credit.

    § Students participating with Impact Academy may also participate in extras-curricular activities at their home school to include sports, clubs, etc. For more information, visit www.henry.k12.ga.us/ia .