Dear Parents,

    It's school time again!  My name is Ms. Ennis, and I am really excited to welcome you and your child to my fourth grade classroom. I am looking forward to getting to know each student and their caregiver. Although, we are starting school remotely, please know I am dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible. We will get through this together. I feel strongly that children get the best education when teacher, parent, and child work together to accomplish a goal. My motto is: Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) !! I know that by all of us working together we can make this a very successful year. Our partnership will assure your child’s success in fourth grade.

    I have high yet attainable expectations because success is the only option. I hope to inspire a spark for learning, instill confidence as well as problem solving skills in each student since learning is for a lifetime and problem solving skills are needed every day. My goal is to make learning fun and exciting along the way as well as relevant to everyday life.


     Please feel free to contact me at rhonda.ennis@henry.k12.ga.us or 770-282-7976. In order to promote academic success and a good classroom-learning environment, this year all students will be expected to abide by a few main classroom rules. I would like for you to be familiar with our classroom rules as well as the school rules and policies.  

    Our main classroom rules are:

    1) Show everyone respect

    2) Always be prepared and attentive

    3) Have a positive attitude and do your best!  

    4) Only use academic sites during school hours

     Other school/county rules and policies can be found in the student handbook. I ask for your full support of good remote classroom behavior, so your child, as well as others, has a good environment for maximum learning. 

    We will use DOJO as a way to communicate. Please ensure you sign up.

    Rhonda Ennis

    Fourth Grade Teacher

Last Modified on August 11, 2020