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Henry County BOE Purchases Graphing Calculators for More Than 4,000 Algebra 1 Students

During the May meeting of the Henry County Board of Education, the Board approved the purchase to supply every student in every Algebra 1 classroom with a graphing calculator.

With these new graphing calculators, nearly 4,100 students will be able to explore complex equations, visualize functions, and engage with mathematics in a hands-on and interactive manner.

This investment reinforces the vital role these devices play in developing advanced math skills while also positioning students for success in one of the most important, foundational courses.

The purchase comes as part of a comprehensive effort to engage in the updated Henry Teaching and Learning Standards, enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills among students, as well as to increase opportunities, access, and outcomes for all students.

“This significant investment by the Board of Education promises to revolutionize the outcomes of math education in Henry County, nurturing a new generation of mathematically confident and proficient students,” said HCS Director of Teaching and Learning Dr. Shaakira Akbar.

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