• Due to the current health crisis situation, information contained on this site is subject to change as more information becomes available.  Planning and decision making is an ongoing process and this site is one way that we are keeping you informed about the latest modifications and adaptations to the operations of this district.  As always, the safety of our students and their families, our staff and our community, is a top priority as we navigate this uncertain time with confidence and care.

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  • Choosing On-Campus or Remote Learning

    Will my child keep their current teacher whether they select to continue remote learning or go in-person?
    The transition from fully remote for all students to a hybrid of options for families may result in uncustomary adjustments to a student’s schedule or teacher assignment. Each school will customize the most effective instructional model and staffing assignments based on the unique numbers of students selecting each option. If necessary, split schedules could be used in ES or MS.

    Does my selection for remote learning or on-campus leaning require me to stay for a certain time period?
    There is not a requirement to stay in the same selection for any period of time. There will be a process for families to follow in order to change their selection at any time. It is preferred that students do not transition backand forth unnecessarily.

    Technology & Device Information

    Who do we contact if we are having issues with my student’s HCS device?
    Students or parents/guardians should submit a ticket through our Student Technology Help Desk (  The ticket will be routed to the Technology Personnel assigned to the student's school.  Updates on the status of the ticket will be sent to the student's HCS email account or you can monitor progress on the ticket by logging back into the Student Technology Help Desk.

    How will my child receive a device if they currently do not have one?
    If a currently enrolled student does not have a device, the student or parent/guardian should submit a ticket through our Student Technology Help Desk (  If you are a new student and have not received a student ID number, please call your school to schedule an appointment to pick up a device with the Technology Personnel assigned to the school.

    K-5 Evening Remote Learning Option Information

    What is the K-5 evening remote learning option?
    A remote learning evening option is offered as an additional option to accommodate the scheduling needs of our families.  Students will be dual-enrolled in their assigned home schools and in a remote evening option but will participate in the evening option. However, your child may not be taught by a teacher from your home school during the evening remote learning session.  Live class sessions for the remote learning evening option occur Monday-Friday from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm.

    Where can I learn more about the K-5 Evening Remote Learning Option?
    Please click here for full details.

    Can my student still register for the evening option?
    Yes, they will need to contact Excel Academy to get more information and to register if interested.

    Who do I contact to learn more about this option for my child(ren)?
    Ms. Lila Brown, serves as the principal of the K-5 evening program. If you have questions, call at 770-957-4101.

    Learning/Academic Information

    In which subjects will teachers identify whether my child has any learning gaps?
    In HCS, teachers have access to a variety of assessments which can help identify learning gaps.  State assessments like Milestones, GAA, GKIDS, and ACCESS all provide parents and teachers with information on student learning and help identify next steps/needs.  Within HCS, we utilize MAP assessments three times a year in ELA and Math in grades 1-9, which provide teachers with specific information on the growth of students within and across school years as well as content domains in which students excel and where students need additional support.  Teachers can leverage this information to monitor student growth as well as identify instructional needs.  HCS also has developed common assessments in EOG tested grade/subjects as well as 8 high school courses.  Teachers have access to formative assessments which can be administered weekly (math, science, social studies) and bi-weekly (in ELA) to monitor students learning as instruction is occurring.  Teachers also have access to summative assessments in these same courses/grades which can be administered at the end of each instructional unit.  Teachers may use this information to determine student mastery of standards and identify where re-teaching is needed to resolve existing gaps in understanding.

    How will my child catch up if learning gaps are identified?
    Learning gaps will be addressed in many different ways.  Teachers will continue to monitor student learning gaps for individual students.  Student learning gaps will be addressed by their teachers through small group and individual instruction.  

    Additionally, as communicated in the January HCS Board meeting, the following assurances will be made to ensure student learning:

    1. Proactive Monitoring and Acceleration of Reading Proficiency
    2. Addressing Essential Standards and skill gaps
    3. Course Recovery for High School Students

    To learn more about each of these efforts please click here.

    In addition schools will continue to implement the Multiple Tiers of Student Support, where students will get additional support as needed to ensure that learning gaps are identified and addressed.

    To learn more about the MTSS process, interventions, and supports please click here

    Will my child participate in statewide standardized testing?
    Yes, for the 2020-2021 school year, students will still participate in all state assessments to include GKIDS Readiness, GKIDS, GAA, Access, and Georgia Milestones. The State of Georgia requires students test on school sites and in person for the following assessments: GAA, ACCESS, and Milestones.  

    How will I know where my child is in her/his learning?
    Teachers will be assessing students both informally during learning to guide instructional decisions and to assess learning mastery at the end of the units. Teachers will continue to use Infinite Campus (I.C.) gradebook to update grades on a weekly basis.

    How are we adapting schools?
    Click here to learn more.

    Whole Child Services Information

    How will 504 services be provided if the student selects remote learning?
    The school-based Section 504 team will convene virtually to make appropriate determinations for each child. Parents will be invited to participate as a member of the 504 committee, either by phone or virtual platform. For questions, please reach out to the school based Section 504 Administrator. 

    Visitor Information

    Are schools open to the public?
    Schools are currently opened to the public by appointment or pre-scheduled activity only. If you need to go to the school for any reason, call the school in advance to schedule an appointment.

    How do I make an appointment to talk to the district office or school?
    If you need to make an appointment at a school, please contact your school directly. If you need to make an appointment at the district office, please call 770-957-6601.

    Remote Learning Information

    How do I l learn more about the digital learning platform / Google Classroom?
    Click here for the Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

    How do I learn more about our full range of instructional and learning support plans?
    Click here 

    How will participation be monitored for remote learners?
    Teachers will monitor student participation in a remote setting similar to that of a face to face setting. The student's teacher will continue to communicate with families about student progress, including student engagement, participation and learning.

    During remote learning, will my child's teacher be available in the evenings? 
    One of Henry County Schools' goals is to have a manageable teaching load for our teachers throughout the unusual school day.  At this time, we do not plan to have teachers available outside regular school hours.

    What tools are available to me to assist my child with student learning at home (whether my child needs help after s/he comes home from face-to-face learning or is in remote learning? 
    Henry County Schools has developed a resource site for parents who wish to assist their children at home.  Click here.

    Will my child be able to participate in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs during remote learning?
    During Remote Learning, students enrolled in their zoned Henry County School that select the remote learning option are eligible to participate in their schools extracurricular activities including athletics. Please contact your school for more information.

    Need more information about learning remotely?
    Click here.

    Transportation, School Nutrition, Athletics/Extracurricular, After School Program Information

    Where can I find bus/transportation route information?
    Parents/guardians who selected for their child to return to on-campus learning and utilize HCS Transportation starting 9/28/2020 can locate more information on your child’s assignment by logging into the IC Parent Portal. Once in IC, select MORE, and then select TRANSPORTATION.  There you will find bus numbers, pick-up times, and bus stop locations.  If you need additional assistance, please contact transportation.

    What about athletics/cheerleaders/band??
    HCS will follow guidance as provided by the Georgia High School Athletics Association to develop appropriate practices.

    What about field trips?
    At this time, all field trips are suspended until further notice.

    How many students will be on the bus at one time? Will students be socially distanced while on the bus?
    Bus loads will be based on the number of students needing bus service. Responsible distancing practices will be used and all students, bus drivers, and monitors will be required to wear masks.

    Will bus routes be modified to accommodate changes?
    Bus routes have been modified to pick up students requesting bus service. Students will load from the back of the bus to the front of the bus. Once at school, students will unload from the front of the bus to the back of the bus. In the afternoons, students will load from the back of the bus based on where they get off so that the bus can unload front to back.

    What cleaning practices will be done on the buses?
    Bus drivers will wipe down their buses prior to the start of each route. Drivers will then do quick wipe downs of high touch areas between loads. After routes are completed, drivers will do a thorough wipe down of the bus.

    Will students be required to wear a mask on the bus?
    Students will be required to wear masks while on the bus. It is strongly recommended that students wear their masks while at the bus stop if waiting with other students.  It will be the parent’s responsibility to supply their student(s) a face mask. The bus drivers will be wearing masks and some may also wear a face shield. Hand sanitizer will also be available for student use.

    When will ASEP begin?
    The Afterschool Enrichment Program will be operational in Phase 2. During Phase 2, tuition will be $20.00 for the 2 days of ASEP service.  As we move into Phase 3, the regular tuition of $50.00 per week will be assessed.  

    How can I register my child for ASEP?
    The Afterschool online registration form can be found on the Afterschool website, which can be found on the Henry County School website under the division, Finance.  Also, parents can call 678-583-1211, ASEP District Office, for further information and assistance.

    COVID-19 Response Protocol Information

    COVID-19 Positive Response
    Click here to learn more.