Adapting Schools

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    How we're adapting our classrooms...

    Classroom sizes and spaces will be modified as practicable, to promote distancing and support each student’s understanding of his/her role in maintaining a healthy classroom environment.


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    Responsible Distancing

    • Encourage students to physically distance
    • Separate supplies and manipulatives to limit sharing of items
    • Assigned seating in each classroom


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    Personal Hygiene

    • Introduce strategies & guidelines for students on hand washing and respiratory etiquette
    • Post signage on infection & transmission prevention best practice within classrooms
    • Encourage frequent hand washing


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    Cleaning & Increased Sanitization

    • Disinfect and clean tabletops, desks, and chairs with Environmental Protection Agency-rated virucide cleaners
    • Provide sanitizing wipes to teachers for intermittent use on frequently touched surfaces
    • Prior to classroom disinfection, teachers will ensure tops of student desks are free of all items
    • Custodial (SSC) COVID-19 Strategies Document 

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    How we're adapting our large spaces...

    Face coverings are required for students and staff when in common spaces. School leaders will receive guidance and make determinations on appropriate modifications to schedules and building activities to limit large groups when practicable. Signage is posted to encourage personal hygiene, face coverings, and other infection or transmission prevention practices.


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    • Modified and staggered lunch schedules to provide for smaller groups
    • Implementation of responsible distancing practices, leveraging alternate eating spaces – such as classrooms or outside space
    • Encourage use of My School Bucks (electronic payment system) to limit physical contact through money exchange


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    • Hard surfaces (e.g., bleachers) will be cleansed and disinfected regularly
    • Can be “mask down” zones to support student activities and safety
    • Use of gymnasium spaces is permitted but select equipment might not be accessible
    • Responsible distancing will be strongly encouraged


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    Media Center, Band, Art, Orchestra, Chorus, JROTC

    • Interior doors may be propped open to limit touch of door handles where practicable
    • Responsible distancing will be strongly encouraged
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols per area will be applied


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    Playgrounds & Outside Open Spaces

    • Use of playgrounds is permitted but the playground equipment will not be accessible until Phase 4 is achieved.
    • Responsible distancing will be strongly encouraged

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    How we're adapting our schools...


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    Face Coverings & Personal Hygiene

    • Masks are required on HCS Buses & HCS Campuses
    • Hand sanitizing stations at high-traffic intersections within the school building


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    School Logistics

    • Signage to direct traffic flow, support distancing, and encourage face coverings
    • Visitors are welcome to our schools by appointment only
    • Field trips are not permitted
    • Student lockers are not available 


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    Cleaning & Increased Sanitization

    • Conduct additional disinfecting and cleaning, utilizing Environmental Protection Agency-approved virucide cleaners
    • Ensure sanitization of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and light switches
    • Perform deep cleanings during periods when few or no students are on campus or during low traffic periods


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    Environmental Modifications & Enhancements

    • Restrict/limit use of water fountains and promote use of individual (non-shared) refillable water bottles
    • Increase the frequency of ventilation maintenance, including the changing of air filters and cleansing of system coils

  • All On-Campus adaptations are applicable during Remote Learning and will continue through the reopening of our campuses.


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    Parents/guardians who selected for their child to return to on-campus learning and utilize HCS Transportation starting 9/28/2020 can locate more information on your child’s assignment by logging into the IC Parent Portal. Once in IC, select MORE, and then select TRANSPORTATION.  There you will find bus numbers, pick-up times, and bus stop locations.  If you need additional assistance, please contact transportation.

    How we're adapting transportation...


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    Bus Transportation Modifications

    • Reduced ridership expected and responsible distancing strongly encouraged
    • Routes maintained with modified bus processes including loading and unloading
    • Students and bus drivers will be required to wear face coverings while being transported on the bus
    • High-touch areas cleansed after each completed route
    • Lowering windows and allowing fresh air in during routes as weather permits
    • Students will be asked to keep their hands to themselves and face forward throughout the trip to school and home
    • Field trips are not permitted