Moving Sun                                                   
    Earth Science

                           Life Science                                                                                                                             

    Austin Road Middle School will cultivate an environment for Creativity,  Innovation and Leadership where we Exceed Expectations Everyday.
     This vision is reflected in my classroom expectations; all students should work to their potential and beyond. To settle for simply passing when capable of more is not an acceptable goal.


    "Who Says You Can't"
    Teacher Name: Dr. B. Warde
    School Email Address: brigitte.warde@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I teach: 6th Grade Earth Science/7th Grade Life Science 
    Sports I coach: Girls Volleyball 
    Teaching philosophy: The time for a great beginning is right now!
    The websites below are great for a rainy day activity.
    A great website is the Nobel Prize website. There are educational games in five different subjects.  Be sure to look at the games listed on the right as well as the featured games. Have fun!
    http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/- This site has fun educational games that are science related.
    http://sciencebuddies.org - This site can help students find a science fair project topic, get instructions for a topic, and many other useful tips for completing a science fair project.