• ARMS Department of Mathematics
    Tutoring: Monday's 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. 
    6th Grade - Mrs. McQueen RM 602
    7th Grade - Mr. Syed - RM 702
    8th Grade - Mrs. Brown - RM 818
    Math Department Chair
    Mrs. Laquata Butler


    6th Grade

    Angelia McQueen (Accelerated)

    Laquata Butler

    Spencer Miller (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)


    7th Grade

    Cheryl Presswood

    Imani Davis (Accelerated)

    Leah Slones (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)

    Christopher Willis (ESE)


    8th Grade

    Monica Brown

    Tierra Rodgers (Algebra I)

    Toure Moody (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)

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