Teacher Name: Sabrina Sanders
    School Email Address:sabrina.sanders@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:Earth Science, Reading (IF) and Social Studies

    As an instructor, I promise to promote learning and development by integrating the student’s interests and prior knowledge into my instruction.

    I realize that continuous growth is our focus and I promise to track this to ensure we meet our mission “… to cultivate an environment for creativity, innovation and leadership where we exceed expectations every day. . “  I promise to take advantage of the technological, collaborative, and data based resources provided to me in order to achieve exemplary results.

    To parents and students I promise to be the model for the mission and vision that Henry County has set for us all.  We will monitor daily, weekly and monthly progress and develop improvement plans.  I promise to strive to keep all parents involved in our student’s education. As a team we will make learning a top priority and take our place at the top.