• ela


    ELA Department Chair
    Ms. Cynthia White


    6th Grade

    Brandy Adair (Accelerated)

    Tiffany McKelton

    Spencer Miller (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)


    7th Grade

    Sabrina Blakney

    Cynthia White (Accelerated)

    Leah Slones (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)

    Christopher Willis (ESE)


    8th Grade

    Adrienne Thomas

    Natosha Williams (Algebra I)

    Toure Moody (ESE)

    Eric Benton (ESE)





    The discipline of English Language Arts includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and producing texts. These texts include various narrative, informational, and literary genres, as well as visual information, both on the written page and in digital mediums.