• Reading Resources for Kids

    Reading and LA Resources

    This site contains a list of reading and language arts practice and learning sites for grades kindergarten through fifth by specific skill.

    Star Fall: Learn to Read
    The Starfall reading program is designed to be fun, exciting, and to instill confidence in young children as they learn to read. The website and companion printed materials are clear and effective tools for implementing proven teaching methods. Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.
    BBC Schools: Words and Pictures
    The interactive games and print off activities on this site address phonological awareness, word recognition and sight high-frequency words and other familiar words.  Be sure to incorporate the Print and Do activities with each lesson and/or activity.
    Interactive Phonics and Word Study Center

    Phonics and Word Study Practice for Pre-K to 6th grades.  There are also links to many other reading-related sites. The Sadlier-Oxford Phonics and Word Study web pages offer free online interactive games, challenges, and links for students, information, resources and links for teachers, and guidance for families of children learning new phonics and word study skills.

    I Know That: Phonics

    Three different games provide practice with long and short vowels, blends, dipthongs, diagraphs, and various other phomenes.  Be sure to click on the Language Arts button to access vocabulary skills, sentence structure and punctuation practice for older kids.

    Higher Order Thinking Skills Tutor and Practice

    Students get practice in analyzing data, critical thinking, reading in the content area, communication skills, and literacy skills through the social studies subject area.

    Between The Lions: Kids Site

    Online and Off Line Activities to practice reading skills such as: phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, letter knowledge and phonological awareness.  Click on the Between the Lions Logo to access e-stories.

    Word Build and Bank

    Using Word Build & Bank, students generate words by adding a beginning letter or blend to a word ending. This engaging tool helps students with letter-sound correspondence.

    Dolch (Sight Words) Activities

    Printable flashcards for Pre-School - Third Grade with accompanying ideas for using the flashcards. 

    Mrs. Perkins First-Grade Dolch Page

    Provides the sight words in several formats: lists, flashcard, and Power Point presentation by grade level.


    Wall of Words

    Sentence Construction....Drag words to build a sentence  (Grades1-4)


    The Magic Key

    The Magic Key website is aimed at children aged 5-6 years and covers sentence and text level work in a new and imaginative way.  The games provide practice in punctuation, capital letters, making sentences and more.

    Literacy Activities for Primary Students

    Includes Phonics, Rhyming Words, Alphbetical Order, Spelling, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Synonyms, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure. Printable follow-up activities accompany each exercise. 

    Power Proofreading

    Provides spelling, grammar and punctuation practice in a proofreading format for grades 2-5.  Online help is available.  Very good!

    Proofreading Makes Perfect

    Students are required to read passages in order to find mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage.

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