Your HEALTH is your Wealth!


    Crystal Perry, Mental Health and Wellness

    Crystal Perry

     Mental Health and Wellness Facilitator Room 404

    As the MHWF at Rocky Creek Elementary School, my goal is to facilitate the growth, development, professional learning, and mental health /wellness for teachers, staff, and students in ways that lead to heightened student achievement. 

    As the MHWF, I support the overall mental health and wellness of both staff and students.

    • Teaching our staff and students to solve their problems and navigate their feelings in a peaceful manner is something that will benefit them for life.
    • At Rocky Creek Elementary, Mental Health and Wellness activities are designed to promote mental health, prioritize prevention, and support the whole person (child/adult).
    • Our professional development sessions use researched and proven strategies to ensure that staff and teachers know, understand, and can implement trauma informed best practices and have the tools to manage compassion fatigue.

    Therefore, having our students and staff get in touch with their emotions and express how they're feeling is an initial activity that sparks conversation and leads to solutions. As the MHWF, I will promote and build systematic structures to increase student engagement and school connectedness.