• Your student’s safety is our priority.  Please note the following information as it pertains to your student’s safe departure from school.

    Transportation Changes

    Students may not make changes in the way they usually go home unless they have a note signed by their parent.  Parents should give specific dates and instructions to explain any change to the way their child should be transported home.  The principal or assistant principal must approve the note.

    Last minute requests for transportation changes can confuse and upset students.  To avoid such confusion and disruption of the school during dismissal time, parents are asked to notify the school as early as possible if it becomes necessary to make an unanticipated change in the way their child should be transported home.

    Rocky Creek observes this policy using the following procedures:

    1. Parents must send a handwritten note with your child to school with the date and a parent signature to change your child's transportation for the day.

    2. A note is needed each time transportation changes.


    3. Please do not email the note to the office or teacher. No emails will be accepted as Change of Transportation notification.


    4. As a last resort, you may fax a note to the office with your signature, date, and a copy of your driver's license for transportation changes.


    5. We cannot take any change of transportation changes over the phone!


    Please note that as transportation changes are handled in the Front Office, it is also helpful to include the student’s full name, address, teacher’s name and bus number when the student is to ride the bus home.


    Car Rider Information

    General Information

    1.  Car rider tags are assigned during Open House and thereafter, issued from the Front Office.  Parents must be present to request, sign for and receive car rider tags.

    2.  Corresponding book bag tags will be provided to the student.

    3.  At the end of each day, students will be issued a car rider pass with their car rider number, name, teacher’s name and grade.  These passes ensure that each car rider proceeds to the front of the building for car rider pick up.

    Car Rider Pick Up Reminders

    1.  You must have your car rider tag to pick up your student.  No exceptions!  If you lose or leave the car rider tag, please enter the school and present your identification to Front Office personnel to pick up your student.  If you need to replace your tag, please let us know.

    2.  Keep your car rider tag visible at all times while in the car rider lane.  This allows your number to be called more easily and it also allows the teacher placing your student in the car the opportunity to quickly verify your car tag with their book bag tag.

    3.  If you would like to park and pick up your child you must enter the building to do so.  This allows us the opportunity to verify that each student is being picked up by an authorized adult listed on the student’s paperwork.

    4.  Please remain stopped until the staff member at the front of the car rider line has given you the go-ahead sign to proceed forward.  This protects each student while being placed in the car and also expedites the pick up process.

    5.  Car riders must be picked up by 2:45 PM.  All car riders who have not been picked up will be escorted to the front office.  The parent and/or guardian will be called from the school office.  When the parent/guardian arrives at school, he/she will be required to report to the office to sign his/her student out for the afternoon.