• Rocky Creek Elementary School is pleased to announce the creation of a RCE Safety Patrol Program.   The purpose is to assist with the monitoring of the halls in the morning and/or the afternoon.  Some safety patrols will serve as school bus monitors. Safety patrols are 5th grade students with a proven record of being well-behaved and respectful.


    The patrol’s job is to remind students of safety rules. In your encouraging students to observe safety rules, you will have a significant, positive influence on your schoolmates. Patrols influence other students both formally as part of their regular duties, as well as informally because they serve as student role models of appropriate and safe behavior. In addition, patrols can bring valuable safety information to schoolmates in classrooms. Patrols receive instructions in guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings.


    Safety patrols are selected from 5th grade students. Patrols are selected with input from teachers and administrators. Consideration is based on student interest, academic achievement, commitment, sense of responsibility, and attitude toward others. In most cases, students who are dedicated to their school work will be dedicated to patrol responsibilities.


    Parent consent and patrol application forms are required for participation in the program. Teacher recommendations will be collected before admittance into the program.  Forms can be picked up from your child's 5th grade teacher, or in the front office.