• At Rocky Creek Elementary, we work hard to make every child in our school feel welcome, safe, and successful.  We strive to impart the importance of becoming educated, contributing members of the community and the world!

    We believe that a business/education partnership involves the sharing of human and material resources for the purpose of enhancing student learning and promoting academic achievement.  Partners in Education dedicate their time and talent, and have an active role in making school programs successful.  In addition, partners build positive images in the community as supporters of education.

    You may be wondering "how can my business help students?"  Here are just a few examples:

       *Assist and support school functions and activities

       *Donate certificates for academic achievement, perfect attendance, etc. 

       *Bring your skills to the classroom by making a presentation on curriculum-related topics

       *Speak at Career Day (usually held in May)

       *Donate for Teacher of the Year and Classified Person of the Year Awards

    If you would like to become a Partner in Education with Rocky Creek Elementary, please contact the school's Assistant Principal, Dr. Parker or our book keeper Mrs. Shultz, at (770) 707-1469. 

    We hope you will be a part of the Rocky Creek Team!