• In an effort to accommodate the explosive growth population growth in southern Henry County a new Elementary school was needed near the city of Hampton.  Land was purchased on what was formerly a dairy farm and the school was named after a nearby creek since there was already a Hampton Elementary School. 

    Work on the school began in early 2008.  In late 2008, a principal search committee was formed with members of the Luella and Hampton communities.  In February, 2009, Dr. Jay Fowler was named principal and work began on staffing the school. 

    Chanda Steele, bookkeeper and Lamont Tarpley, lead custodian, were the first full time employees of Rocky Creek.  They began in May of 2009.  Walter Buttler was named the first Assistant Principal of Rocky Creek.  On May 22, 2009, the first staff meeting (a dinner) was held at Hampton Methodist Church.  Following the staff meeting that same evening, Rocky Creek had its first Parent meeting and Open House.   At this meeting, the Racer was selected by popular vote to be the school’s mascot.    Rocky Creek Elementary officially opened its doors to students on August 3, 2009.  In 2010, Rocky Creek Elementary transitioned to become a Title I School.     

    Dr. Sherri Edwards was named Assistant Principal in 2012 after Walter Buttler was promoted to Principal of Luella Middle School. In 2015, Dr. Edwards was named Principal of Dutchtown Elementary and Mrs. Sonya Ayannuga was selected as the new Assistant Principal at RCE. 

    Rocky Creek Elementary was projected to open with 565 students. Even when other schools in the district saw declines in enrollment, Rocky Creek has grown each year.   Presently, there are 711 students enrolled.  We are the 5th largest elementary school in the district.  There are a total of 61 certified staff members and 25 support staff members serving students each day. 

    Once part of the Luella Cluster of schools, 2014 saw the creation of the Hampton Cluster with the opening of Hampton High School.  Along with the high School, Rocky Creek joins Hampton Middle School, Hampton Elementary Charter, and Mt. Carmel Elementary to make up the best Cluster of schools in Henry County.   

    It is an exciting time in the life of Rocky Creek Elementary.   Each day creates a new page in our history book.  Thank you for being a part of our past, our present, and our future.