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    Please review carefully the Attendance Procedures that apply to all students enrolled at LGH.  I encourage every parent and student to read the Student Handbook cover to cover as well as any inserts:


    The Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law states: "It is the duty of every parent, guardian, or other person having control of any child between the child's 7th and 16th birthdays to assure that the child attends a public school, private school or home study program.  Failure to comply constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by up to $100 fine, 30 days imprisonment, or both.  Each day's absence constitutes a separate offense.  Ga. Code 20-2-690.1."


    School attendance is the responsibility of both parents and students.



    General Student Attendance Policy and Procedures:

    LGHS Hours                                8:15 AM - 3:15 PM 
    Half Day Count                          12:15 PM
    Self Checkout Note Cut-Off      12:15 PM  Daily
    CheckOut Cut Off                       3:00 PM
    Attendance/Parent Notes Doctor Notes Email:  lghattendance@henry.k12.ga.us
     Checking In/Checking Out

          All check-ins and check-outs are handled through the attendance office.  Students arriving to school after 8:15 a.m. must report to the attendance office to sign-in and receive a tardy slip.  Students will only be allowed three (3) handwritten parent notes per semester to excuse a tardy to school due to personal illness or reasons listed in the student handbook as excusable.  Please keep in mind that tardy notes that vaguely reference a family emergency will not be excused.  A student with excessive tardies may have his/her parking privileges revoked at any time.


         Students who accumulate excessive unexcused check-ins or check-outs will be subject to an administrative referral.  Upon returning to school from checkout the student must provide documentation for the checkout to be changed to excused.  If anyone other than a parent or legal guardian is to sign a student out of school, the note the student brings in the morning must indicate the person's name and relationship to the student and include the parent's telephone number for verification.
     The attendance office will not take phone calls for student checkouts.  The attendance office will not accept notes for self checkouts after 12:15 p.m. daily. We must have a signed note from the parent/guardian, which will be verified, or the parent must come to the attendance office with their I.D. to check the student out.  All faxed and emailed notes must be signed and scanned with parent ID attached.  Identification is required by Locust Grove High School before a student will be called out of class.   ONLY persons listed on the emergency card will be able to checkout students.  Please make sure that all contact names are included on this card.  (exceptions:  refer to last paragraph of checking in/checking out)
     Students who drive to school and the parent wishes for them to self-checkout the student should take his/her signed checkout note to the attendance office before 8:15 a.m.  The note must have the students first and last name, a date, time of checkout, reason, parent signature and parent's telephone number.  Siblings are not allowed to check each other out.  Enrolled studetns at LGH are not allowed to check each other out.  The attendance office staff will call to verify the note and once the note is verified, a pass will be prepared for the student to come to the attendance office at the designated time of checkout to sign out.  The student will need to pick up this pass between classes prior to checkout time.  All students issued this checkout pass MUST come to the attendance office before leaving campus.   No student may be checked out after 3:00 PM nor are students allowed checkouts during exam days before the exam release time. 
     As a notification to parents/guardians, students will not be called out of class for forgotten items.  You are welcome to text your child and let them know you have left an item for them in the office on the bookshelf.  They can come up in between the change of classes to pick that item up. Parents/guardians wishing to see a student during instructional class time will have to see a school administrator.

     Absence Note Policy

    State law requires school attendance for students ages 6 to 16.  Henry County Board of Education Policy states that students will be excused from school according to the reasons listed in the student handbook.  LGHS students are allowed 8 handwritten parent notes for the school year for excusable absences.  All parents' notes must be received the first day back to school no later than the third day back to school to be excused. Parent notes/emails require parent's signature for validation.  Doctor notes are taken all school year. 


    Absences are UNEXCUSED for all other reasons, including but not limited to:  notes that vaguely reference personal reasons, personal business, family emergency, family business, missing the school bus, family visits, driver’s permit, oversleeping, car trouble, train on the track, vacations, babysitting, trips, running errands and/or skipping school.  Class work and/or tests may not be made up for unexcused absences.


     College Visits:

    In order to avoid missing school, it is best for students to visit colleges and universities during the weekends, during breaks or during the summer.  If a junior or senior must visit a college during the school day, then it is the responsibility of the student to secure a college visit form from the counseling office which should be accompanied by a signed parent's note.  Proof of a college visit is required to show the visit as a " field trip" upon returning to school.  The student will need a note from the college on their letterhead.  Excused college visits are limited to three(3) per school year.



    Students who leave campus without checking out or who are absent from school without their parents' permission will be considered truant (AWOL).  Students who skip a portion of a class, a full class, or several classes are considered truant.  A referral will be submitted to the administrator of that student. They will not be allowed to make up missed assignments for being AWOL.  Students who drive and leave campus without proper documented parent permission may have his/her parking privileges revoked at any time.


     Student Handbook

    Student Handbooks will be issued the first day of school to every student enrolled at Locust Grove High School.  Teachers will review information within the handbook with all the students.  Parents and students are asked to sign the "Student & Parent Handbook" Acknowledgement Form and return it to their Homeroom teacher.   Any questions regarding Attendance can be found in the Henry County Student & Parent Handbook on pages 9, 10, and 11.  You are encouraged to read the student handbook cover to cover as well any inserts for the handbook.

     Infinite Campus

    Student attendance may be viewed through Infinite Campus.  If you had an Infinite Campus account previously you will be able to use the same user name & password for LGHS.  You can obtain your activation code in person from the guidance office or by contacting the guidance office staff by phone.  Please be aware that attendance letters are mailed at 3 (Letter#1), 5 (Letter #2) and 8 (Letter #3) unexcused absences.  The School Social Worker is notified at the distribution of Letter #3.

    Chronic Absenteeism

    Chronic absenteeism affects a student's ability to learn in school and succeed in school.  School approved field trips/activities; medically documented absences and suspensions will not count toward excessive absences.  If a student has a serious medical or legal problem, the student's parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the attendance office and the student's counselor.  Excessive absences will be addressed according to the Henry County Absentee policy.

    Certificate of School Enrollment $3  &    ADAP Certificate 
    The Henry County Schools Student & Parent Handbook states a student should make their request  at least two weeks prior to the date needed.  LGHS Attendance Office policy states students can sign up for a Certificate of school Enrollment using the My School Bucks website(www.myschoolbucks.com).  There is a 24-hour request processing period along with a $3 cost as this is a notarized form.  Students may pick up the completed form the following school day or have it mailed to their home.  The Certificate is valid for 30 days following issuance.
    Students receive an ADAP Certificate upon completion of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program in Health class.   If a second copy is needed, please be sure to indicate when completing your request on My School Bucks for the COE.  Please allow one day for processing this request.

    Academy/Dual Enrolled/Impact Students Attendance

    Students who arrive at LGH from Advanced Academy, Dual Enrolled, and Impact Academy may be required to sign in at a designated space to be counted for school.  Those students who do not sign in daily are subject to being marked absent.  Email verification from their teacher should be sent to the attendance office to change an absence.  Continued practices of not signing in may result in an office referral.  
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