• Ross Johnson, LPN. 

    "I have been a Licenced Nurse for a few years and explored many facets of the healthcare field.  I hope to bring that experience from industry to my students every day. I want to encourage those future healthcare professionals in whatever career they choose, be it nurse, doctor, phlebotomist, or something less traditional like massage therapy or aesthetician. As a pathway teacher I enjoy a unique perspective of the students as they progress through high school, and because of this I try to instil in my students skills that can benefit the students beyond my class and wherever life takes them."

    Healthcare Sciences CTAE Pathway- Allied health

    Year 1- Introduction to healthcare- Learn the basics of: Healthcare systems, Employability skills, Medical terminology, Medical Law, Lab Safety. Intro helps create a foundation for the healthcare pathway.

    Year 2- Essentials of healthcare- This course is designed like an Anatomy and Physiology class. Students learn organ systems and structures, as well as how they function. This style of course lends itself well to demonstrations, hands-on projects and other tactile stimulating learning. 

    Year 3- Allied Health- The final course in the pathway focuses on two big events; the clinical aspect, and the EOPA (end of pathway assessment). For clinicals, the student attends an independant clinical and spends a day shadowing hospital personnel. For the EOPA, the big test at the end of the pathway, we spend time throughout the semester preparing and reviewing. Acceptance to year 3 is done via application as only 20 seats are available.