Residency Policy
    To enroll a student in Henry County Schools, parents/guardians must provide proof of residency in Henry County.
    **The property address given must be the actual location where the student and parent live full time.
    **A parent who owns property in the county but does not reside in the county, is not considered a resident for the purpose of this policy.
    **Proof of residency is required when a student initially enrolls in school, whenever a change of residency occurs, and when requested by the Henry County Board of Education.
    Attendance Zones
    Students must attend school in the attendance zone where their parents/legal guardians reside.  Students may not attend other schools in the system except with the permission of the Henry County Board of Education.
    Residency Documents
    Principals are authorized to accept the following records as proof of residency:
    **A valid residential written lease or rental agreement, and one current home utility bill (electric or gas)
    **A current property tax statement or settlement statement for the home, and one current home utility bill (electric or gas)
    **An Affidavit of Residency filed with the school system.
    Affidavit of Residency
    A parent/guardian who resides full time in Henry County, but is unable to provide the required proof of residence, may complete an affidavit regarding their residency.
    **Separate affidavits must be signed by the parent, and the legal owner or authorized tenant of the property where the parent and student reside.
    **The affidavit must be completed at the central administration building for Henry County Schools, 33 North Zack Hinton Pkwy, in the city of McDonough.
    **The affidavit will be in effect until the parent/guardian provides proof of residence as required by this policy, but no longer than the end of the current school year and must be renewed annually.
    Verification of Residency
    Students and their parent/guardian are expected to be full-time Henry County residents for the entire period of enrollment in Henry County Schools.
    **A school system representative may visit the address given by the parent/guardian to verify residency.
    **Students who are illegally enrolled will be withdrawn from school.
    **Parents will be charged tuition for the period of time that their student is illegally enrolled in Henry County Schools, together with all court and legal expenses incurred by the Board of Education in collecting school tuition.
    **Parents are subject to prosecution for providing false information on a legal document (O.C.G.A 16-10-71, False Swearing).
    To discuss residency concerns, including situations involving homelessness, parents should contact the school system's Student Services Department at 770-957-6601.
Last Modified on August 19, 2020