• Core Values:

    Mustang P.R.I.D.E.

    Positive relationships are a priority.

    If we invest in one another in a positive way, we likewise take care of the world.

    Respect promotes openness and balance.

    We are inclusive and collaborative.  Stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and

    abilities are welcome to participate in, contribute to, and grow our school


    Intentionality is key.

    From planning and learning to playing and celebrating, all things have great

    purpose in our school.

    Dedicated to the Future.

    Our future is in our classrooms today.  All stakeholders in our school culture are

    dedicated to a bright and healthy future through the positive and deliberate

    investments we make today.

    Every moment is important.

    A few minutes late to school or a day away from school are moments lost on the

    pathway to college and career success.  Lost time is a lost opportunity for that

    spark that might ignite a child on a trajectory towards excellence.