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    Dutchtown Chinese Dual Immersion Program (C-DIP) 


    Dutchtown Chinese Dual Immersion Program (C-DIP)
    1198 daysbyaveleeinFronIn the Dutchtown Elementary Chinese Dual Immersion Program (C-DIP), instruction is provided in two languages: English and Chinese. Students enjoy the advantage of 1-2 caring, highly qualified teachers. One half of the day instruction is in English covering English Language Arts - including Reading, Writing, Phonics, and Social Studies.  The 2nd half of the day instruction is in Mandarin and covers Math and Science, and other cultural topics from the grade-appropriate level of the Georgia Performance standards.
    The mission of our Chinese Dual Immersion Program (CDIP) is to prepare linguistically and culturally competent students who can successfully compete in a complex global economy.You’ll be delighted how quickly your child becomes a comfortable and competent Chinese speaker.
     What is Dual Language Immersion?

    Dual Language Immersion is a way to learn academic content while acquiring another language at the same time.  Students receive math, science, or social studies instruction in a target language, such as Spanish, French, or Chinese.  Because of the teaching strategies used, the students learn the concepts and skills for the subject area and develop the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in another language.

    The goal is for the students to develop literacy skills in both English and the target language, Mandarin Chinese, while attaining academic achievement that is at or above their grade level as measured by the Georgia Milestones or other state or school assessments. 

    Furthermore, students will develop a world cultural sensitivity.  We strive to prepare Henry County Schools students academically, linguistically and socially for the challenges and needs of our global community.

    It is important to note that entry into the program will be "first come, first served" through the application link opened during the registration window. 
    If you have any questions about the Dutchtown Elementary Chinese Dual Immersion Program (C-DIP) please contact us at 770-471-0844

    Program Established: 2013-2014


    “We Are a Family of Learners”