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    Camp Invention is a Monday-Thursday summer camp for children entering grades 1-6 that focuses on creativity, teamwork and inventive-thinking skills.

                     There has been much discussion recently regarding the need to better educate the next generation of professionals to fill a void in the fields of math and science. The Camp Invention program hopes to help meet that challenge.

                      Camp Invention was created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation and receives ongoing support from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

                       This program offers strong support for innovation, as well as an excellent curriculum that focuses on hands-on activities throughout the week. Camp Invention provides an enriching experience for children.

                       Whether they are creating a dog collar that translates barking into English, a device to salt soft pretzels, or an alien spaceship, the children are enthusiastic and excited about their inventions. Throughout the camp week, they attend five different classes each day that focus on the basic principals of science, brainstorming and teamwork. 

                        It is an exceptional community that embraces this unique summer enrichment program. Parents interested in obtaining more information can call (800) 968-4332 or visiting campinvention.org.