• Online Education Options 

    In July 2012, Senate Bill 289 was passed Georgia Legislators and signed into law by the Governor. The new law sets guidelines and expectations for how districts offer and notify students and parents about online learning options. This legislation does not require an online course to graduate, but provides an online learning option should you or your student choose.


    The following information is provided to help guide your educational decisions regarding online learning:

    ·        A student may take an online course even if the course is offered in the local district.

    ·        If the online course is taken in lieu of any of the regular school day, there will be no charge to the student or parent. If an online course is chosen outside the school day, the student is responsible for the cost of the course.

    ·        Availability of online courses during the school day is subject to the availability of personnel to supervise online students and the capacity of the school to accommodate online learners on computers. Check with your school counselor for details regarding availability.

    ·        Students in grades 3-5 selecting to take online courses must be full-time enrollees. We do not have part-time enrollment availability.


    In all cases of part-time enrollment (anything less than full-time), the first step is to contact the school counselor. The law requires school districts to inform parents and students of the part-time and full-time options for online learning. Henry County Schools currently offers full-time and part-time online learning option for students in grades 6-12. Impact Academy, a program of Henry County Schools ,allows students to work from home through online coursework while ensuring a blended learning opportunity with a highly qualified and effective teacher. Below are the options for full time and online learning options:



    Grades 3-5

    Grades 6-8

    Grades 9-12

    Full-Time- Option 1

    Georgia Cyber Academy

    Impact Academy -HCS

    Impact Academy- HCS

    Full-Time- Option 2

    Connections Academy – external provider

    Georgia Cyber Academy- external provider

    Georgia Cyber Academy- external provider

    Part-Time-Option 1


    Impact Academy

    Impact Academy

    Part Time-Option 2


    Georgia Virtual School- external provider

    Georgia Virtual School- external provider


    Please note that Georgia Cyber Academy and Connections Academy are not affiliated with Henry County Schools. Both online course providers are state virtual charter schools. If a parent chooses to enroll their student full-time in either Georgia Cyber Academy and Connections Academy, the student will no longer be a student of Henry County Schools and instead a student of the virtual charter school.


    Impact Academy is a unique program that allows full time online students in grades 6-12 to maintain their school enrollment and participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities while receiving their education online.


    Program Contact Information:


    Impact Academy



    Georgia Cyber Academy


    Connections Academy


    Georgia Virtual School