Welcome to Chemistry
    Mrs. Lowman  
    Science Department Chair
    Henry County High School 
    School Email Address:cherl.lowman@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry
                   Georgia State University:  Bachelor of Science       Major: Biology       Minor: chemistry
                   Mercer University: Education classes
                   Cambridge University: Masters Curriculum and Instruction
          Georgia Teacher Certification:   Biology (6-12)      SRT (6-12) 
          Gifted in Field 
          AP Biology
    General Information:
    There is a page for each subject that is being taught as well as links to important documents the students will need.
    A syllabus is attached for each subject .
    I have attached the lab safety form that each student will need to have on file, Please print a copy out for your records and send a copy back to me signed with appropriate phone numbers. This is for emergency purposes only.
    Please review behavior students should have anytime they are in a lab environment. Failure to follow these rules will result in the student not being able to participate in the laboratory experience.
    All students should come to class prepared. That means they should have paper and pencil every day and should not rely on someone else to provide this for them!