• Name: Ana Martinez

    Subject: Spanish I

    Contact Info: ana.martinez@henry.k12.ga.us 


    Education: Universidad de Oriente (Santiago de Cuba)

                        B. A. in English Language

    Educational Philosophy: “Teaching is a great way to keep learning.”

                                                                                       — Matthea Harvey

    About myself

    My name is Ana Martinez, a Spanish teacher at McDonough High School. I was born and raised in Cuba. My native language is Spanish and I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English as well as a Minor in German Language. I have taught foreign languages for 8 years. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for the Spanish Language.



    Assessments (test, performance tasks, projects) 40%

    Practice & Quizzes 40%

    Course final average 80% of final average

    Final Exam 20% of the final average





    Voces Online Book