• Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Pathway

    The Entrepreneurship pathway is offered under the Business Management & Administration Cluster. Students enrolled in this pathway should have successfully completed Introduction to Business & Technology and Legal Environment of Business and Entrepreneurship. After mastery of the standards in the final course, students should be prepared to take the end of pathway assessment in this career area.

    How do you turn an idea into a business? Experience just that in this pathway! Entrepreneurship focuses on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business, operating and maintaining a business. Students will be exposed to the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation in this course as they will either be the business owner or individuals working in a competitive job market in the future. Integration of accounting, finance, marketing, business management, legal and economic environments will be developed throughout projects in this pathway. Working to develop a business plan that includes structuring the organization, financing the organization, and managing information, operations, marketing, and human resources will be a focus in the final course. Engaging students in the creation and management of a business and the challenges of being a small business owner will be fulfilled in this pathway. Various forms of technologies will be used to expose students to resources and application of business principles for starting, operating and maintaining a business. Professional communication skills and practices, problem-solving, ethical and legal issues, and the impact of effective presentation skills are enhanced in this course to prepare students to be college and career ready. Employability skills are integrated into activities, tasks, and projects throughout the course standards to demonstrate the skills required by business and industry. Competencies in the co-curricular student organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), are integral components of the employability skills standards for this pathway.

    Entrepreneurship Program of Study