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    ESE Math (Algebra 1/ Geometry)

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    Teacher Name:Tnisha Hill
    School Email Address: tnisha.hill@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subject: Algebra 1 and Geometry 
    Location: 226
    Office Hours: 1:45-3:15pm Monday -Friday 
         Google Classroom Codes:
    Algebra 1 Block 1: 5edtcti
      Algerba1 Block 2: share content Algebra 1 (Ms.Bennett)
    Geometry: niqfl2y


    Greetings and Welcome 

    Parents and Scholars of 

    Theeeee McDonough High School


    "We are a culture of learning and a community of achievers"

    I am delighted and enthused to be the Resource teacher helping your scholars build and apply real world problems to everyday Math skills. 

    Who is Mrs. Hill?

    Native of Spartanburg, SC. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and am currently part of the Educators TAPP to be better equipped in my profession. I continuously look forward to seeing academic growth and knowledge in MHS scholars! I hope through conversation and lessons that your scholars' mindset is ignited, prepared, and empowered to encourage them to solve real world Math problems. 

    What is Math in a Resource Setting? 

    Under the direction of the District Math Trainer and the guidance of the Math Instructional Coach, the Math Resource Setting provides lesson of targeted math instruction and intervention for students in need of additional math support during core math instruction. I conduct on-going informal and formal assessments to identify needs and monitor progress while interpreting assessments in order to design appropriate math curriculum and instruction.  As the Math ResourceTeacher, I collaborate with Alegra 1 and Geometry teachers to differentiate small group instruction. 

    During class we use programs such as FastBridge,  Math 180, iXL, Progress Learning, Khan Academy, and other great learning programs to build your scholar(s) skills, not only in Math but in reading as well. 

    Algebra is an EOC (End of Course) and is worth one (1)  credit. 

    Geometry is worth one (1) credit. 

    Information will be located here but mostly in Google classroom, to ensure students and parents have the latest updates.

    Please feel free to email me with your questions and concerns. I will do my best to address all concerns through email or phone call within 24 hours. 

    At The MHS , we work to ensure that our mission, vision, and goals are set to ensure your scholar(s) iis set up for success. 

    Mission: To be a Beacon of Light and a Place of Hope, where exceptional opportunities are accessible to all.

    Vision: To empower students to be competent, productive, and informed in their pursuit of excellence.

    2023-2034 School Motto

    "We are in our WINNING season."