• Academic Eligibility 

    Academic Eligibility Policy:

    To be eligible to tryout or to participate in a middle school activity, students must meet the following academic criteria:

    1. Pass (5) out of (6) academic subjects in the semester immediately prior to competition.

    In Addition:

    1. If a student is retained, he/she is considered ineligible during that school year.
    2. A student must not reach their 16th birthday prior to May 1st of 8th grade year. A student must not reach their 15th birthday prior to May 1st of 7th grade year.
    Before a student can try-out and/or participate in any athletic activity, their grades must be checked by the Athletic Director to ensure their grades meet Eligibility Policy.
    Please note: Students must obtain the OMS Academic Eligibility Clearance Form from the Athletic Director  
Last Modified on July 26, 2023