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     Project-based Service Learning

    Ms. Deal - Ms. Boyd and Nick  

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    Outline Goals/Objectives:

    The practice of Project –based Service-learning is the methodology for implementing a portion of the Five Personalized Learning Tenets of Henry County Schools.



    High quality Project- based Service learning will provide the learner with practical experiences and exposure with task that will shape their production in the workplace.

    ·         Critical and creative thinking to analyze issues and develop strategies to address them

    ·         Collecting evidence of progress toward goals from multiple sources and sharing the evidence of accomplishments with the broader community

    ·         Promoting the understanding of diversity and mutual respect among teachers, students, administrators, and the community

    ·         Instruction, lessons, facilitation of real-world applications of the classroom content, including clear links with how the student can use what they are learning outside of the classroom

    ·         Combining aspects of both competition and teamwork in order to find effective solutions

    ·         Collaborative partnerships among youth, organizations, and other communities


    Project- based service learning data shows a variability of outcomes in part because they have different purposes and rarely share common evaluation measures. This is due to the development of the independent learner and individualized learning 21st Century foundations. Aspects that make a difference and data that is measured are the following:

    ·         Project Duration

    ·         Hours Invested

    ·         Reflections on the Experience

    ·         Development of Ideas and Critical Thinking

    ·         Opportunities to Make Decisions

    These measurements are for growth data less on traditional academic achievement data which is related to 21st century skills uniquely suited to help build.




    We should be considering our CCRPI and School Improvement Plan. This gives the addressing issues, and the current issues. What we have to consider is the current Five Personalized Learning Tenets of Henry County and how these factors are processed through our professional development.


    Professional Development:

    Teachers, leaders, stakeholders, and the community collaborate in diverse groups across functions collectively solving problems and creating new opportunities. We will affirm our commitment as educators preparing the youth for the test of life and not a life of academic examinations. We will be the foundation of career related skills and aspirations and increase self-efficacy, confident, collaborative skills and avoidance of risk behaviors.

    The Frames of Analysis are as follows:


    • Structural Frame
    • Human Resource Frame
    • Political Frame
    • Symbolic Frame
    Items that will be taught:


     Students 003


    ·         How do we build critical thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow who will be able to navigate a complex and dynamic world?

    ·         How can we ensure our youth are gaining the communication and collaborative skills they need to succeed?

    ·         Encompassing the Curriculum – How to use the instructional strategy to meet learning goals and standards

    ·         Progress Monitoring- Ongoing process to assess the quality of implementation and progress toward meeting specified goals, and uses results for improvement and sustainability

    ·         Meaningful Service- Personalized learning relevant experiences, exposure, and field test

    ·         Youth Voice- Providing strong youth voice in planning, implementing, and evaluating experiences

    ·         Diversity- Promoting understanding of diversity and mutual respect among all

    ·         Partnerships-  How to develop partnerships to collaborate and mutually benefit and address community needs

    ·         Duration and Intensity- Learning how to successfully address the need and meet specified outcomes

    ·         Reflection- Incorporate multiple challenging reflection activities that are ongoing and that prompt deep thinking and analysis about the experience and the relation to the globe

    Project based-Service-learning is a teaching methodology that connects academic project-based learning, personalized growth, and civic responsibility.

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