• 1.  Students are not permitted to use cellular phones during school hours.

    2.  Cell phones should be turned off upon school arrival and students should store cell phones in their locker upon arriving to homeroom.  Phones must be turned off at all times while in the school building.  If a phone rings during class, the teacher will invoke the Cell Phone Use Policy.  "Forgetting" to turn off the cell phone is not an excuse.

    3.  Use of a cell phone during a test will be considered cheating and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

    4.  Students are prohibited form using a cell phone to take photographs or record video at any time on school property.  This includes taking photographs or video recordings in restrooms, locker room areas, etc.

    5.  If a student violates the Cell Phone Use Policy, the teacher of school staff member shall confiscae the cell phone and take it to the office.

    First offense - the phone is taken away until the end of the day.

    Second offense - the phone must be picked up by a parent or guardian.

    Third offense - either the student is assigned to ISS for two days of the phone is taken away for ten school days (parent's choice)

    Additional offenses - will result in the student not being allowed to have a cell phone on school property.  Furthermore, students who do not adhere to these guidelines will be subject to other disclplinary actions.


    Please note:  

    *  A student is required to hand over the cell phone and all its individual parts, including but not limited to the battery and memory card(s), to a teacher of school staff member when requested.  Failure to do so will result in ISS or OSS.

    *  The student assumes all risks in bringing such cell phones and other electronic devices onto school property or to school related functions.