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    Gifted Program Description


                The Henry County School System recognizes the need to provide gifted education services to students who have the potential for exceptional achievement.  The academic instructional program in middle and high school enhances, and differentiates curriculum and instruction in academic courses incorporating standards-based instruction.  These procedures establish the framework for providing gifted services under Georgia Code IDDD and Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38 at www.gadoe.org.  The Henry County School System uses materials and procedures which are non-discriminatory with regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, disabilities or economic background in determining referral, eligibility, placement and instructional delivery for the gifted program.  Assessment tools meet Georgia Department of Education standards for validity and reliability.


    Instructional Philosophy


                The overall purpose in providing services for gifted students is to offer a differentiated curriculum in which the content and teaching strategies are appropriate and effective for gifted students, and expectations of student mastery allow for the extension of learning opportunities, development of individual potential, enhancement of the creativity and advancement toward becoming an independent learner.

    Public Awareness


    Henry County School System provides for parents or guardians information about the gifted program, referral procedures, and eligibility requirements through the Henry County Schools website at schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us.  In addition, administrators and gifted education teachers shall provide this information locally for faculty, staff, and parents.
    New students previously enrolled in a Georgia gifted program are eligible for placement as soon as their participation has been officially confirmed through a Request of Records (B-13).  Students who have been in a gifted program of an accredited school may be placed when official records indicate that the student has satisfied Georgia gifted qualifying criteria. 
    Students who are identified as gifted in another Georgia school/ county are granted automatic eligibility in our program. Students who are identified as gifted in another state are not granted automatic eligibility in Georgia. There is no mandated reciprocity between states; however, the school system should immediately take steps to see that the advanced learning needs of the student are met while the Georgia Gifted Eligibility is completed.

    Continuation Policy: Continuation in the SAGE Program for the gifted in the Henry County School System requires that a student maintain a satisfactory performance in the gifted program and the regular education program as noted by regular attendance, active participation, appropriate conduct and attitude for learning, completion of assignments, and acceptable academic achievement.  Guidelines include maintaining a 85 average for each grading period of all academic subjects combined (Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Reading), with no grade below 74 (“D” or “F”).  When applicable, the “S” or satisfactory will be recognized. 

    Military Families: During its 2009 session, the Georgia General Assembly enacted several laws relating to the education of children of military families that impact the gifted education reciprocity of students whose households include a member of the United States uniform services. The goal of the legislation is to maximize a student's educational continuity despite the frequent movement across states and school districts. These laws are codified at O.C.G.A. 20-2-2140 through 20_2-2180. Eligible students are school-aged children whose household includes at least one of the following:
    1. An active duty member of the uniformed services.
    2. A member or veteran of the uniformed services who is severely injured and medically discharged.
    3. A member of the uniformed services that died on active duty or as a result of injuries sustained on active duty.
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