• 1.  Students may charge up to two times.  No charges are permitted after the second.

    2.  If the first charge is older than 30 days, the student cannot charge again until the first lunch charge is paid.  If a charge is needed after this time, we will provide an alternate meal that is free to the student (Sandwich, milk, and a fruit)

    3.  The last month of school (May) lunch charges are NOT permitted unless the parent notifies the School Lunch Manager prior to lunch time that they need for their child to charge lunch.

    4.  All lunch checks sent to the school should be written in blue or black ink, no gel pens please, with student I.D. number on the checks and a parent/guardian phone number.

    For questions or additional information, please contact Ms. Kantrell Brown, Director of School Nutrition for Henry County Schools at 770-914-0815, or via email at Kantrell.Brown@henry.k12.ga.us


    Meal Prices (6th - 12th grades)

    Breakfast - $1.15

    Breakfast (reduced price) - 30 cents

    Lunch - 2>50

    Lunch (reduced price) - 40 cents

    Extra milk - 30 cents


    Henry County Schools Staff

    Breakfast - $1.75

    Lunch - $3.00

    Extra Milk - 30 cents


    Adult Visitor

    Breakfast - $1.75

    Lunch - $3.25

    Extra milk - 30 cents