• Athletics includes

    * Football

    *softball (girls)

    * cheerleading

    * wrestling


    * track

    * volleyball

    Open to 7th and 8th graders at ELMS that meet the following requirements:

    1.  Students may not have failed more than one class the last semester

    2.  Students must have proof of insurance..

    3.  Students must have a current physical (within the last year) on the proper athletic participation form, clearing them for athletic participation


    Coaches will provide a copy of and explain the rules to each participate for that team.  The consequence for breaking team rules will be at the discretion of the coach.  Participants are expected to have their rides ready at the end of each practice or event.  Coaches put in many hours on top of their full time teaching job and should not be put in a situation of having to stay late with one or two players waiting on rides.  We have high expectations of our athletics, both academically and their discipline.


    The policy for athletes that receive in-school suspension (ISS) or out of school suspension (OSS) is as follows:

    1st ISS or OSS - punishment will be at coach's discretion (example:  laps of sprints)

    2nd ISS or OSS - one game suspension (must be next game)

    3rd ISS or OSS - dismissal from team and may not participate in any other sport that school year.

    This policy begins the first day of school and carries over to any team the student may participate on.

    Students may not participate in any practice, event or extra-curricular activity if they are absent from school, serving ISS or OSS.  You must be present for at least three and one half hours to be considered present for the day.