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     Welcome to the New Hope Elementary Clinic!
    The New Hope Elementary Clinic Aide is in the Clinic
    each school day Monday - Friday 7:20 am - 2:20 pm to help with your child's needs.
    The clinic is located inside the School Front Office. 
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Clinic Aide.
    School Phone Number: 770-898-7362 
    Fax Number: 770-898-7307
    Important Information About Medicines at School: 
    • The Clinic can only give medicines brought to school by an adult for a student
    • DO NOT send medicine to school with your child!
    • We must receive a signed Student Health Medication Authorization Form (SHMA) for each medication
    • Rx Medications, OTC Medications and Cough Drops must be in their original packaging - NO Medication in paper bags or plastic baggies! 
    • Medications must not have an expired date on the Rx Label or OTC packaging
    • The clinic DOES NOT stock ANY medications to give out to students upon request.


     Student Health and Medication Form (SHMA)





Last Modified on August 18, 2023