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    Teacher Name:  Tina Buchanan

    School email address:  tina.buchanan@henry.k12.ga.us

    Subjects I teach:  Math, Social Studies, Reading/ELA, and Science

    School Hours:  7:35 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.


    Welcome to Mrs. Buchanan's Kindergarten home page!  

     I am so excited to be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year!  I am here to help support you and your child in ANY way I can as we venture on this journey together.  I look forward to us working together to help your child be successful in Kindergarten!  smile


    Specials (more information to follow soon)

    Day 1- Art

    Day 2- Creative Movement

    Day 3- P.E.

    Day 4- Music

    Day 5- STEAM Lab

    A Few Very Important Reminders:

    1. Please practice sight words with your child each night.  They will be tested in class EVERY FRIDAY.  Please be sure to put their sight word folders in their binders on Thursday night so that they have their folders with them.  If they do not have their folders with them on Friday, they will not be tested again until the following Friday.

    2.  Thursday folders go home every Thursday.  Graded papers from the week and other important information for the week will go home in this folder at this time.  Please be sure to review all papers and sign/return any papers necessary in this folder the next day (on Friday).   

    3. Ice Cream will only be ordered for Kindergarten on Fridays.  If you would like your child to order ice cream, please be sure to send in $1 in their money pouch (inside their binder) on Friday morning.  To avoid any confusion, please do not place this money in the pouch before Friday.  We cannot hold any money in the classroom for any reason.

    4.  Be sure to provide your child with a snack and water bottle daily.  We cannot always provide a snack for them otherwise.

    5.  Don't forget to initial your child's Dojo calendar (in their binder) and check Dojo for their Dojo points each day.  If your child does not earn their point for a certain part of the day, we will post reasons for points not earned on Dojo so that you know why your child did not earn all their points.  *see behavior/discipline plan attached here separately for details


    Thank you so much for all your support at home!  I look forward to working with you and your child over this year!  Please let me know how I can help make this year your child's most successful year EVER!  

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    Mrs. Buchanan