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    Bethlehem Elementary is on a journey to create an engaging, personalized learning atmosphere for all our students. Our teachers are dedicated to providing an education that will serve our students in the 21st Century where we all need to communicate, think critically, collaborate, and become creative, innovative problem solvers.


    Teachers used to stand at the front of the class, lecturing, and leading lessons. Education was very teacher centered. Students today are no longer engaged in a “sit and get” type of classroom. As educators, we must find ways to engage, extend and enhance student learning.  We want to create opportunities for deep learning where students think, learn, work, communicate, collaborate, and contribute.  By giving students opportunities for hands- on experiences, solving complex problems, and connecting their learning to future college and careers goals we know they will be prepared for any challenge that is set before them.


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    How can parents help with student success?


    Many parents often ask what they can do to help with their child’s school achievement. One of the most critical roles parents can play in the success of their child is helping them to understand the process of learning, from the value of making mistakes to a fear of failure. Below there are several links to informational videos for parents from Psychologist and Author Carol Dweck, PhD. that touch on the mindset for learning.